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New Pokemon Snap: Who Is The Volcarona?

Let's dig deeper and know everything about the Volcarona in Pokemon Snap.

All the islands in Pokemon snap have 2 modes and 1 Illumina spot. Once you complete the day level by reaching experience level 2 you unlock the night level of the island. To complete the night level you have to photograph the boss pokemon at the Illumina spot. Volcarona is the boss Pokemon of the Fireflow volcano, you will need to photograph It to complete the level. Let’s see how you can photograph the Volcarona in Pokemon Snap.

Where To Find The Volcarona In Pokemon Snap?


Pokemon snap Volcarona
Players will find the Volcarona at Fireflow volcano. You will have to get to experience level 2 at the Sweltering sands. After reaching level 2 go through the island again, this time you won’t be able to take the old route as it’ll be blocked by Pokemons. Going on the new route you will find blue lava and some ancient ruins. Capture them and you’ll unlock the Illumina spot, you will see the Volcarona at the Illumina spot. Clicking it will be difficult as they are covered with fire, try throwing fullfruits at them as it will help in breaking the shield of fire around it. Once the shield is broken throw the Illumina orb at it to get the illumina effect. Keep your camera steady and take some shots of the Volcarona with the Illumina effect around it. The effect won’t last forever so be quick.

Once you have clicked the Volcarona, submit the best image to the professor and you will unlock level 2. Although this wasn’t difficult, the tricky part of the game is the trajectory of unlocking parts of the islands so keep checking the map regularly. You can always come back and click more photos of the Volcarona in case you didn’t get your 4-star photo.

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