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New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock Volcano?

This article will guide you towards unlocking the Fireflow Volcano in Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon snap follows a basic idea for the progression in the game. Every island has 2 levels day and night, once you reach experience level 2 in the day level you unlock the night level. To complete the night level you have to photograph a specific Pokemon. Unlocking the Volcano also follows the same process so let’s see how you can unlock the fireflow Volcano in Pokemon Snap.

How To Unlock The Fireflow Volcano In Pokemon Snap?


Players will have to complete the night level of Sweltering sands to unlock the Volcano level. To complete the day level of the Sweltering sands you have to reach experience level 2 after which you will be able to access the night level of the island. At the night level, you have to find the glowing the crystalbloom and also reach research level 2 to complete the level. You will find the crystalbloom just after you cross the Oasis. We would advise you to keep your camera ready as you will only get a few seconds to capture it. When you see the crystalbloom you are going down the sandy hill so you might miss it. Don’t worry If you miss it because once you are at the bottom you can always come back to click it.

Once you have clicked it you will also unlock the illumina orb. This orb can be thrown at Pokemons boosting their actions. To reach level experience level 2 you will have to go through the level again and click as many photos as you can. Once you have clicked the glowing crystalbloom you will unlock the Fireflow volcano level. The Fireflow volcano is the hub for many fire-type pokemon which will diversify your Pokedex.

That’s all for this guide. Do click on the linked article to know how you can unlock the beach night level in Pokemon snap.