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New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock Beach Night?

Here’s how you can unlock the Beach night in New Pokemon Snap

Players unlock the various levels of New Pokemon snap after they have earned a specific amount of experience points. The Blushing Beach level is no different but there is a catch here. When you unlock an Island you unlock both the day and night levels of it. That is not the case with Blushing beach as you unlock the day level of the island, players won’t unlock the night level of the beach with it. Let’s see how you can unlock the Blushing beach night level in the new Pokemon snap.

How To Unlock Blushing Beach Night In New Pokemon Snap?


To unlock the Beach night level players have to finish the Shiver snowfields night level. While day levels of islands require you to increase your experience points the night levels have a different task in store. To complete the night levels, players have to snap one glowing Illumina Pokemon. And to complete the shiver snowfields night level players will have to photograph the glowing crystalbloom. You can find the crystalbloom at the Lental seafloor. Once you reach level 2 at the day level of the Beach you unlock the Maricopia reef and after reaching level 2 there, players unlock the Lental seafloor. Select the Undersea level of the seafloor as you will find the crystalbloom there.

Players might miss out on the glowing crystalbloom as you encounter it at the very beginning of the Undersea level. Look at the seaweeds and you will one of them is glowing. Go closer and you will find a Lumineon. Throw an orb or an apple at it and when it moves you will see the crystalbloom. Click photos of the crystalbloom and you will unlock the mesmerizing night level of the Beach. While it might seem a bit complicated just keep moving ahead from the beach you will be directed towards the Undersea. Remember clicking is the task navigating isn’t so keep your camera steady.

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