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New Pokemon Snap: Requests Issue Fix

Requests still looming after clicking a 4-start photo? Let’s see how you can fix the request not working issue in the New Pokemon Snap

To unlock new regions in Pokemon snap players have to complete certain quests and requests and get enough expedition points. While expedition points can be collected by grinding through islands, it’s not the same for requests. Players need to submit a specific photo as per the requirement of the request to complete it. Many players have been facing an issue as their photo meets all the requirements but they still aren’t able to mark the request complete in Pokemon snap. Let’s see how you can fix your requests issue in Pokemon Snap.

Requests Not Working Fix In Pokemon Snap


Pokemon snap request issue
Players should know that if you already have a photo that meets the requirements of the request they can’t be submitted. To complete the request players have to click a fresh photo. You can’t submit photos that were clicked before you took the request. This feature adds to the replayability of the game and keeps things the same for the experienced players as they are for the rookies. Another reason that you can’t mark it complete could be that you let the auto-select submit the photo. Some players have noticed that the auto-select option isn’t able to select the best photo. To make sure you don’t get stuck because of the glitch, try selecting the final submission yourself.

If even after trying these two methods you can’t mark the request complete then maybe you haven’t met the criteria. We would recommend you look at the requirements carefully and take a good look at the photo you submitted. Some requests will be very specific so you might be better off using the Burst mode feature. This will increase your chances of clicking the perfect photo that meets the requirements of the request.

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