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New Pokemon Snap: How To Increase Research Level?

Let’s see how you can reach research level 2 in Pokemon Snap

Pokemon snap is divided into 6 regions all further divided into more regions and courses. To advance further you will have to complete all courses and for that, you will have to unlock both day and night levels of the islands. The night level of islands can be unlocked by reaching research level 2 in the day level. To reach research level 2 you need to reach a target of expedition points. Let’s see how you can increase the research level in Pokemon Snap.

How To Increase Research Level In Pokemon Snap?


Pokemon Snap increase research level
Players get expedition points based on the photos they take of pokemons. This might be an oversimplification as your photo gets rated on multiple criterias all contributing to your expedition points meter. Size of the Pokemons, the activity they are doing if they are looking at the camera or not are some aspects based on which you’re photo is rated. The size of the Pokemon has the highest weightage in the rating so make sure you capture all those giants. All pokemons have 4 poses so try and capture all of them as you get extra points for extra poses. Make sure the background is good and the pokemon isn’t going out of the frame.

If the pokemon looks at the camera it gives you extra points. Remember that initially, pokemons will run away but with increasing expedition points and research level, they will get familiar with you. While you might not meet all criterias in the beginning just keep clicking as grinding through the game is the best way to get expedition points. As you reach higher research levels Pokemons will get familiar with you and won’t run away and might also look at the camera. Clicking new pokemon fetches you most expedition points so make sure you click all of them.

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