New Pokemon Snap: How To Find The Vespiquen?

Stick till the end to find out where you can find the Vespiquen in Pokemon Snap.

Vespiquen is the first boss fight of Pokemon Snap. At every island, there is one Illumina spot and when you unlock it you get an opportunity to click the boss pokemon of that island. Fiora Natural park is the region you will start with and you will end your journey there by clicking the Vespiquen. Let’s see how you can find the Vespiquen in Pokemon Snap.

How To Find The Vespiquen In Pokemon Snap?

Pokemon Snap find Vespiquen
Vespiquen can be found at the Fiora natural park. The location isn’t enough as you will have to earn the sight. You will start with the day level of the natural park. Reach experience level 2 to unlock the night level of the natural park. To complete the night level you will have to find the glowing crystal blooms and click them. Players can find the crystal blooms at the flower field, located at the end of the park. It won’t be difficult to spot them and when you click them you will unlock the Illumina orb. Throw the Illumina orb at the glowing crystal blooms to activate it and soon you will see the Vespiquen enter from behind. She will fly over to the flower field and hover above it for some time. This is your time to shine, throw Illumina orb’s at it, and play music, enabling the Pokemon to dance and strike some good poses for the photos.

Keep in mind to throw the orb and play the music at the same time. After clicking the photo, send it to the professor and you will unlock the Jungle region. Once you have unlocked the other areas, you can always come back here and try to click a better picture to improve your experience points. In case you are struggling to reach level 2, try clicking as many photos as you can and don’t bother about stars. This will grant a big load of experience points and help you increase your level faster.

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