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New Painkiller Game In Development

Here's all about the new Painkiller game in development.

Saber Interactive is developing and co-publishing the long-awaited remake/sequel to Painkiller (2004). Koch Media revealed the announcement, stating that the game will be released under its new Prime Matter label at the Koch Primetime E3 2021 Livestream. Here’s what we know about the new Painkiller game in development, from the reveals till now.

Painkiller Game in Development by Saber Interactive


New Painkiller Game Development

The game will be released on consoles and PC, but no further details, such as a release date, have been revealed. Unfortunately, it is all we have to go on. It’s been a while since we last heard Painkiller, a 2004 first-person shooter by People Can Fly, which also just published Outriders. Painkiller has now spawned a few expansions and sequels, including Mindware’s Painkiller: Overdose and Homegrown Games’ Painkiller: Resurrection, though the franchise has remained dormant for some years.

Nordic Games released Painkiller: Hell & Damnation in 2012, an Xbox 360, PS3, and PC game that was both a remake and a sequel to Painkiller. Saber will be in charge of development for the forthcoming Painkiller, making him the series’ third developer in as many games, so the first time it will be done far outside Poland. People Can Fly, located in Warsaw, created the first game, while The Farm 51, a company co-founded by former Painkiller employees, handled the second.


The original game’s single-player campaign depicts a dead man in Purgatory who is given a contract to destroy Lucifer’s army’s invading soldiers in return for entry into Heaven. The game was exceptionally well-received for its multiplayer experience, and it was included on the Cyberathlete Professional League’s World Tour for two seasons.

That’s everything you need to know about the new Painkiller. Once more info and gameplay are revealed we will be publishing more about it right here. So for the more new exciting game reveals, gameplay, and News, stay with GamerTweak.