LoL New Champion Smolder – All Abilities Explained

Looking to change your main champion? Smolder the newest addition in LoL might be for you!

Smolder is a cute new little dragon that is the latest champion that will be added to the League of Legends roster. But don’t just go by his looks, his cuteness can easily deceive his quite powerful abilities. He can take control of the Bot lane easily if you know how they work. So here is how you can make the most out of this ADC champion!

League of Legends Smolder Abilities Explained – New Champion

LoL New Chapmion Smolder Abilities Explained
Image Credits: LeagueOfLeaks on Twitter
  • Dragon Passive (Passive ability): Each time you hit a champion or enemies with your abilities or kill them with your Q ability you gain stack which permanently increases the damage of your basic abilities.
  • Super Scorcher Breath (Q ability): Here Smolder spits a fireball at his enemies. It scales with your passive so each time you hit, the stack increases and makes your Q ability stronger. Here is how it evolves:
    • 25 stacks: It starts to do AoE damage after hitting the first target or reaching its maximum range.
    • 125 stacks: It not only does AoE damage but also launches two small fireballs behind the target. And does 75% of the damage.
    • 225 stacks: It applies burn to your target and deals maximum health true damage over the next 3 seconds.
  • Achooo! (W ability): Smolder sneezes up a sizeable fireball at his targets. The champions that get hit will also cause an explosion.
  • Flap, Flap, Flap (E ability): This is a movement and escape ability. When you use it, Smolder starts flying, gains movement speed, and will ignore the terrain for 1.25 seconds. While mid-flight it also attacks the nearest champions with the lowest health in its range.
  • MMOOOMMMM! (R ability): Smolder’s mom breathes a column of fire. All the enemies that get hit by it take damage, if it hits Smolder it heals him. Additionally, it deals extra damage and slows down enemies that are caught in the center of the fire.

When will Smolder Release in LoL?

Smolder will be available in League from February 7, 2024, with the patch 14.3 of the game. If you want to try him out now then he is already available on the PBE servers.

That’s all for the new LoL Champion Smolder and how his abilities work. While you are here don’t forget to check our League of Legends section for more help with this game.