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All New Biomes In Minecraft 1.18 – Frozen Peaks, Snowy Slopes, & More

Here are all of the new Biomes that were added in the Minecraft 1.18 update.

The 1.18 Update in Minecraft has overhauled the World Generation for every Minecraft Seed. The World of Minecraft generates very differently as compared to its prior update. We have Gigantic Mountains and Deep Caves. With this update, they were a lot of changes made to Biomes. Some were removed as they served their purpose in the older versions and some were added. In today’s article, I will be talking about the 8 new Biomes that were added in Minecraft 1.18.

All of the New Biomes in Minecraft 1.18

Like I have mentioned above, there were 8 new Biomes added into Minecraft in the 1.18 update. Of these Biomes, 6 are mountainous and the other 2 are subterranean. The 8 new Biomes in Minecraft 1.18 are Frozen Peaks, Grove, Jagged Peaks, Meadow, Snowy Slopes, Stony Peaks, Dripstone Caves, and Lush Caves. Other biomes were introduced but I will talk about them later in this article.

New Biomes that generate above Ground in Minecraft 1.18

There 6 new Biomes that were added are Frozen Peaks, Grove, Jagged Peaks, Meadow, Snowy Slopes, and Stony Peaks. Of the 6, 3 of them are new Peak Biomes and the other 3 are Mountain Slope Biomes. Here are each of the Biomes in detail.

Frozen Peaks

frozen peaks in minecrafct 1.18

Frozen Peaks is one of the new Mountain Peak Biome. It generates at the top of mountains and is covered in Snow, Snow Blocks, Ice, and Glaciers of Packed Ice. Frozen Peaks tend to generate fewer jagged points and are smoother as compared to their counterpart, the Jagged Peaks. This Biome can generate in Snowy, Cold, or Temperate Biomes. The only Passive Mob that spawns here are the Goats. Pillager Outposts can also generate in this Biome so keep an eye out for it when you are exploring the Frozen Peaks.

Jagged Peaks

jagged peaks biome

Jagged Peaks is the second Mountain Peak Biome on this list. They generate sharp and jagged peaks. Jagged Peaks are massive and have a lot of Stone exposed with Snow and Snow Blocks covering certain areas on them. They can generate in Snowy, Cold, or Temperate Biomes and is likely to generate at higher elevations. Some of these Biomes can be tall enough to reach the Y-Level of Clouds in Minecraft. The Snow layer in this biome is usually thin so many Ores like Coal, Iron, & Emeralds get exposed. Stony Cliffs are usually generated on the sides of Jagged Peaks. The only Passive Mob that spawns here are the Goats.

Stony Peaks

stony peaks

Stony Peaks is the last of the 3 Mountain Peak Biomes added in Minecraft 1.18. They are the warmer variations of both Frozen Peaks and Jagged Peaks. Stony Peaks usually generate lukewarm to warmer biomes. Stony Peaks will not generate with Snowy Slopes or Groves in the slopes of the mountain unless there’s a colder biome bordering this Biome. As in the name, it is mainly made of Stone but has huge deposits of Calcite that generate as large strips across this Biome. No Passive Mob spawn here. The Foilage in Stony Peaks has a vibrant green tint to it, making it ideal to construct structures that involve a lot of Leaf Blocks.

Snowy Slopes

snowy slopes biome in minecraft 1.18


Snowy Slopes in one of three new Biomes in Minecraft 1.18 that generates at the slopes of the Mountain Peak Biomes and Hilltops. This Biome is mostly Barren and is covered in multiple layers of Snow Blocks and Powder Snow. Some of its sides are Stony Cliffs. Goats and Rabbits are the Passive Mobs that spawn in the Snowy Slopes. This is the only Mountain Biome that can generate Igloos. They usually generate in less forested Biomes such as Plains and Snowy Tundras. They can also generate in lower altitudes in Snowy areas. Caution should be taken while traversing here as Powder Snow is Trap Blocks and there is a lot of it. Always carry Leather Boots while exploring the Biome.


grove biome in minecraft 1.18

Grove is another Mountain Slope Biome, it’s a Snowy Forested Biome that creates forests of Spruce Trees at the sides of Mountains. The surface of this Biome is covered with Snow Layers, Snow Blocks, Dirt, and a lot of Powder Snow instead of Grass Blocks. Along with the general Passive Mobs (i.e. Cows, Pigs, Sheeps, and Chickens), Wolfs, Rabbits, and Foxes spawn in this Biome. Like Snowy Slopes, Groves generate at the base of Peaks and Hilltops at high altitudes. Groves generate near Dark Forests and Taigas. It also can generate at lower altitudes if near a Snowy Biome.


meadows biome

Meadow is the last of the 3 Sloped Biomes that has been added in Minecraft 1.18. Unlike the other 2 Biomes that I have mentioned above, Meadows is not a Snowy Biome. Instead, Meadow is a Grassy Biome filled with small flowers and tall to small grass. The Passive Mobs here are Rabbits, Donkeys, and Sheep. The only small flowers that do not spawn here are Blue Orchids, Tulips, Lilies Of The Valley, or Wither Roses. A unique quirk in this Biome is that if alone Birch or Oak Tree spawns, then it will 100% have a Bees Nest attached to it. Pillager Outposts & Villages can generate here making it the only Biome with Village Spawns. It usually generates at lower sides of Mountains but can also generate on tops of Plateaus as a standalone Biome, mainly next to plains and other temperate biomes.

New Biomes that generate below Ground in Minecraft 1.18

Above were the Biomes that generate above ground. Now we will see the Biomes that generate under the ground in Minecraft 1.18. These Biomes were the long-awaited Biomes, that being the Dripstone Caves and Lush Caves Biomes. Here is what we know about them.

Dripstone Caves

dripstone caves

Dripstone Caves are a commonly generated Cave Biome in the Overworld. In this Biome, Dripstone Blocks and Pointed Dripstone generate at the floor and ceilings of the Cave. Pointed Dripstone can be found as Stalactites that grow from the ceiling and Stalagmites which grow from the ground. Water Wells of size 1×1 can be generated across Dripstone Caves. Dripstone Caves are usually like other Caves but have Dripstone Blocks and Pointed Dripstone patches that are scattered across the Cave. Copper is the most abundant Ore here and is the Best place to Mine for it. In Ravines, occasionally you will find Dripstone Cluster Structures generate. The Drowned Mob can spawn in the Aquifers of the Biome.

Lush Caves

lush caves

Finally, we have reached the last Biome that was added in the Minecraft 1.18 update. Lush Caves is a temperate Cave Biome that has unique Flora and Fauna. They can be generated at any height underground but usually generate under Forested Biomes. With the Lush Caves Biome, the Azalea Trees were introduced and are the exclusive Tree type. You can find Azalea Trees at the surface and above a Lush Cave Biome. The unique feature of the Azalea Tree is that it has roots that convert Dirt Blocks into Rooted Dirt Blocks that lead to the underground Lush Cave Biome. Moss Blocks, Moss Carpets, Ores, Grass, and Azalea Bushes cover the surface of the Caves.

Vines and Cave Vines hang from the ceiling of the Cave. Glow Berries grow on these Vines which provide light and light up the Cave Biome. Also, Spore Blossoms spawn on the ceiling which drips water and emits particles, giving a very chill ambient vibe. Lush Caves contain water bodies like Springs and Shallow Lakes with Clay that Dripleaf Plants grow on. Bats, Glow Squid, Tropical Fish, and Axolotls are the only passive mobs that spawn here and Axolotls are the exclusive Mob Spawn in this Biome.

Other Biomes that were added in Minecraft 1.18

The above 8 Biomes are the new Biomes that were added in Minecraft 1.18. Along with them, many Biomes got their names changed. Here are those Biomes:

  • Tall Birch Forest -> Old Growth Birch Forest
  • Giant Tree Taiga -> Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Giant Spruce Taiga -> Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Snowy Tundra -> Snowy Plains
  • Jungle Edge -> Sparse Jungle
  • Stone Shore -> Stony Shore
  • Mountains -> Windswept Hills
  • Wooded Mountains -> Windswept Forest
  • Gravelly Mountains -> Windswept Gravelly Hills
  • Shattered Savanna -> Windswept Savanna
  • Wooded Badlands Plateau -> Wooded Badlands

These were the new Biomes that were added in Minecraft 1.18 update. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in getting the necessary information. You can also check our other guides on How To Find Diamonds and Village Seeds in Minecraft 1.18.