Neural Cloud Tier List Guide

Here are all the Neural Cloud characters ranked in a Tier List from Best to Worst.

Here is our Tier list of the best characters in Neural Cloud. This is a game developed by Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd for Android and iOS. They give you plenty of dolls for your squad. But not all of them are equally strong. So here is the Tier List of all Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud ranked from best to worst.

Neural Cloud Tier List

neural cloud tier list

Character Tier Class
Kuro S Tier Sniper
Croque S Tier Guard
Yanny S Tier Guard
Clotho S Tier Guard
Vee S Tier Fighter
Aki S Tier Fighter
Hatsuchiri S Tier Fighter
Sakuya S Tier Specialist
Angela S Tier Specialist
Hannah S Tier Specialist
Hubble S Tier Sniper
Haze S Tier Sniper
Clukay S Tier Sniper
Florence S Tier Medic
Nanaka S Tier Medic
Delacey S Tier Medic
Evelyn A Tier Guard
Millau A Tier Guard
Python A Tier Guard
Betty A Tier Fighter
Nahita A Tier Fighter
Phantom A Tier Fighter
Rise A Tier Specialist
Dushevnaya A Tier Specialist
Willow A Tier Specialist
Nora A Tier Specialist
Lam A Tier Sniper
Max A Tier Sniper
Kurane A Tier Sniper
Twigs A Tier Sniper
Persica A Tier Medic
Helix A Tier Medic
Gin A Tier Medic
Jessie A Tier Medic
Bonee B Tier Guard
Chelsea B Tier Fighter
Banxy B Tier Specialist
Antonia B Tier Specialist
Sueyoi B Tier Specialist
Earhart B Tier Sniper
Frensel B Tier Sniper
Imhotep B Tier Medic
Souchun C Tier Guard
Zion C Tier Guard
Fern C Tier Fighter
Centaureissi C Tier Fighter
Abigail C Tier Specialist
Mai C Tier Specialist
Sockdolager C Tier Sniper
Octogen C Tier Sniper
Uranus C Tier Sniper
Choco C Tier Medic
Panakeia C Tier Medic
Sol D Tier Fighter
Ksenia D Tier Specialist
Groove D Tier Specialist

The above characters are most useful in the end game but if you play safely, you should manage to do fine even in the early game. This is just my recommendation, as you play with them you might find some characters to be in different Tiers. That is fine because you should use the character you enjoy playing the most.

That covers this Tier List of all characters in Neural Cloud ranked from best to worst. If you found this list useful then be sure to check out our other Tier Lists. And for more help on similar games don’t miss out on our Mobile games section.