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Valorant Neon Vs Jett – Who Is Better?

Who is the Better Agent, Jett or Neon? here is a detailed guide on who is the better Run and Gun expert.

In January of 2022, Act 4 was introduced in Valorant, and with was the introduction of the Agent who zooms around the map with, Neon. She is the newest Duelist on the block and her mobility and abilities have gotten a lot of attention. Some have gone as far as saying that she may even replace Jett. Well, we will have to look into that. In today’s guide, I will be discussing who is the better movement Queen, Jett vs Neon – who is the better Agent in Valorant?

Valorant Neon vs Jett

jett vs neon valorant

Jett is a Ninja of the Wind who is based in Korea while Neon is an electrifying athlete who can whizz around with her powers in Valorant. Before we can compare the two, let us see their abilities.

  • Jett:
    • Passive Ability: Drift.
    • Basic Ability 1: Cloudburst.
    • Basic Ability 2: Updraft.
    • Signature Ability: Tailwind.
    • Ultimate: Bladestorm (7 Ult Points).
  • Neon:
    • Passive Ability: None.
    • Basic Ability 1: Fastlane.
    • Basic Ability 2: Relay Bolt.
    • Signature Ability: High Gear.
    • Ultimate: Overdrive (7 Ult Points).

Jett Breakdown in Valorant

jett in valorant

Jett has always been the go-to Duelist for site entry and to dominate over the opponents. Her Signature Ability, Tailwind, is the sole reason why she is so strong. At one point in time, that Ability with the OP defined the META of Valorant. Updraft allows Jett to gain Vertical height which allows her to be more nimble and evasive. Cloudburst is a pair of smokes whose trajectory can be controlled. So with the power of 3D space movement and the ability to block vision, we can see why she has been S Tier the entire time.

Tailwind is a get-out-of-danger ability that makes Jett untouchable. It is a Dash Ability that refreshes after two kills. Bladestorm gives Jett 5 Knives that can one-shot an enemy if it is a Headshot. After each kill by the Left-click will refresh the Knives. With such power, no other Agent could rival her.

Neon Breakdown

neon in valorant

Neon’s Signature Ability, High Gear, allows her to move at an increased movement speed. There is a limit to this as the amount is indicated by a bar just above the Abilities HUD. This bar functions similarly to how Viper’s Toxin Bar works. While using it if she Right-clicks, she will Slide. This will interrupt her running ability. The Slide is refreshed after two kills while the running mechanic is based on the Bar. Fastlane is Wall Ability similar to Phoenix’s Firewall. The only difference is that there are two of them released at the same time and they cannot be curved.

Relay Bolt is a Concussion Ability where you throw a grenade and it will create a concuss area on wherever it lands. It can bounce once before it drops to the ground and where it bounces also creates a concuss area. Overdrive gives Neon the ability to zap her enemies by firing a stream of electricity bolts that deal steady damage. Neon is a pretty tough contender.

Neon vs Jett – Who is the better Agent in Valorant?

From the above, we can determine that Neon has more movement as compared to Jett, so she is the better Agent in Valorant? Well, that is just one aspect and it is not entirely true. Although Neon has more movement & can be more evasive than Jett, most times it may not be that helpful in a Valorant match. High Gear is not as fast as Tailwind so you can still kill a Neon if she peeks into you as compared to a Jett. Tailwind is very short when compared to High Gear but it is very fast.

Cloudburst is also a very strong ability. Relay Bolt is strong as well, I would say even stronger as it has line-up potential which will make it very hard to dodge. But here is the overall comparison, Neon is a strong Agent. She may be a high A Tier Agent if not S Tier. But Neons kit is not strong enough to overthrow Jett in Valorant. Jett allows you to do a lot of mistakes and not get punished by it because of her ability to traverse through 3D space and dodge engagements. Neon can do that as well but when it comes to higher ranks like Radiant, she will struggle a bit.

That’s not to say that she won’t be good, she won’t be as good as Jett. Neon is going to be a Pubstomper just like Reyna before she got nerfed. In Low ranks, Neon is going to be an S Tier Agent no doubt but towards Radiant she will fall off a bit.

So as it stands, Jett will still keep her crown as the better Agent in Valorant. This should answer the debate between Jett vs Neon in Valorant. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Valorant Not Opening Or Launching error fix.