How To Get A Neon Gorilla In Adopt Me

Here is a quick guide on how to get Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me.

Adopt Me is an adorable Roblox experience that lets players collect all the cute pets they can find. Players can meet and interact with other pet owners and take part in daily quests and activities too. The latest update named Gorilla Fairground adds new pets to the game, one of which is the Gorilla Pet. You can also turn your Gorilla Neon with a few quick steps. Let’s look at how to get your very own Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me.

How to Make a Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me

How to get neon gorilla in adopt me

Just like the process to turn any of your pets Neon, you’ll need to have four fully grown pets of the same kind. To get a Neon Gorilla you need to collect four Gorilla pets. You can get Gorillas by opening Gorilla Box which will cost you $600 each. You can even collect some themed toys that you can use to make yourself a themed Gorilla. Make your way to the Fairground with your Gorilla equipped, talk to the Gorilla NPC, and hand them the toys you collected. Ultra Rare Karate Gorilla and Chef Gorilla can be got using this method. You can also get the Legendary Emperor Gorilla and Astronaut Gorilla if you have the right toys.

Once you have 4 Gorilla pets make your way to Adoption Island. There is a secret entrance below the bridge that connects the neighborhood to the Island. This will lead you to the Neon Cave where you can make yourself a Neon pet. Once you’re inside the Cave, place your Gorilla pets on each of the four platforms and watch as your very own Neon Gorilla appears in the middle.

That’s all we have on how to make a Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me. Check out our guide on How to get the Frost Unicorn and other Roblox Game Guides here on Gamer Tweak.