Adopt Me: How To Get The Frost Unicorn

Here's a quick guide on how to get the Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me.

The Roblox phenomenon Adopt Me is a place to play out your fantasies of adopting and raising all the pets you want. With over 180 pets to choose from players can collect and trade these pets with other players. All these pets have a level of rarity attached to them, from the common Wolf to the legendary Black Chow-Chow. A new Legendary that has just been added to the game is the Frost Unicorn. Let’s take a look at how you can get the Forst Unicorn in Adopt Me.

How to unlock the Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me

adopt me how to get frost unicorn
The Frost Unicorn is the one of major additions to the game thanks to the Mountain Home update. The Frost Unicorn cannot be obtained by an egg, unlike other common or even legendary pets in the game. The Legendary pet can only be bought with Robux. If you have the required Robux make your way to the Purchase Stand on Adoption island or the shop and buy the Legendary Frost Unicon for 1000 Robux. The Frost Unicorn is only going to be available in the store till the 30th of February 2023, so this will be the only time you can buy the legendary pet for yourself.
Another way to get the Frost Unicon is by trading. Since the legendary pet is in such demand and only a limited number of them are on the market, the true trading price of the pet will fluctuate with time. But players should understand that trading is always a risk and scams are known to happen. Always keep a tab on other Frost Unicorn trades to learn about the pet’s real-time market value.

These are all the ways you can get the Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me. Check out our guide on the Best eggs to get and other Adopt Me guides here on Gamer Tweak.