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Need For Speed Heat Review: NFS Is Heating Up The Franchise Again

From the get-go, you can clearly see that Need For Speed Heat has its distinct visual style, and the contrast of day and night is highlighted not just in the time of the day and the color of the sky, you will see the Palm City breathe in new life depending on the time of the day.

Need For Speed Heat is good, and that is without a doubt, when you first get into the story mode you may find the ride to be a bit wobbly and uncontrollable at times, but as you progress in the game with better upgrades and custom body parts, you not only carve out a name for yourself in the Need For Speed Heat, you create a personality.

This personality is made to shine throughout and I believe the developers have nailed the customization aspect of Need For Speed Heat to perfection, you now have more control over your vehicle than you ever had before. You will feel the vehicle control better with each upgrade it feels as if you are manually fixing your vehicle, turning a screw and twisting a bolt every time you take it to the shop.

need for speed heat review

As for the story aspect, it has a good enough story embedded in it, it is far better than what we have been served in the last decade and Need For Speed Heat can really make you connect to the game, but it has its limitations.

The limitations being for everything beautiful and stunning about the Need For Speed Heat, there isn’t much that truly challenges you, for most races you will zoom past your opponents as you shoot off from the starting line and there will be no way that they catch up to you.

With the story, there isn’t anything that makes you feel as if you are in danger at any moment, and for a game that markets itself on high octane action, it does not deliver too well on the adrenaline rush that you ought to feel playing Need For Speed Heat.

EA confirmed ahead of release that there will be no loot boxes in Need For Speed Heat but there are paid time savers and few other things that do take microtransaction route. Thankfully this does not apply to the upgrades you get in the game. As that is left untouched and it feels good the way it is.

need for speed heat review

For any casual gamer getting into the Need For Speed franchise for the first time, this is a great entry but for those who have been around for quite some time, it might be a bit difficult to impress them without the visual bells and whistles that are tied to the game.

Need For Speed Heat though not being the best, is a worthy entry in the franchise. EA had dropped the ball on this in the past and it is clear that they are moving ahead in the right direction, Need For Speed Heat feels more like an entry into the correct path onto which EA can further developer and perfect their craft.

Developed by EA Games, Need For Speed Heat is releasing on 8 November for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Heating Up The Franchise Again

Need For Speed Heat Review

  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 7
  • Sound 9
  • Story 7.5