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Need For Speed Heat Will Take You Back To The Good Old Days Of Illegal Racing

It has been an open secret that a new Need For Speed game had been in the works and now it has finally been revealed, the title of the latest installment is the Need For Speed Heat. The trailer starts out calmly which then races off in an instant.

We finally get to mod our cars back again, some of the features shown in the trailer made us reminisce about Need For Speed Underground and  Need For Speed Underground 2. Both of these games were colossal for their time.


Illegal street racing is back again and by the title, we can be assured that your every move will be tracked and you will be constantly evading the police while trying to finish your race first.

As the trailer says ” survival of the fastest, no prizes for second place”  means that the game should throw everything at you to stop you while you do everything in your power to escape these shackles.

Need For Speed needed a game like this as the recent ones have not been well received and it seemed like the fun that brought people to this franchise had been missing out.


The game will be released on November 5th for on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial and November 8 Worldwide for the rest of the people.

Need For Speed will be available for all major platforms such as Xbox One, PC and PS4 and is available for Pre-Order right now.

Pre-Order bonuses include:


Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

  • K.S Edition starter car
  • Three additional K.S Edition cars unlocked through progression
  • Four exclusive character outfits
  • REP Boost
  • Bank Boost