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How To Dunk In NBA 2K24 (PlayStation, Xbox, PC)

We'll show you how to dunk in NBA 2K24, including tips on how to perform basic and advanced on consoles and PC.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level in NBA 2K24? One way to dominate the court is by mastering the art of dunking. Whether you’re looking to throw down a simple two-handed jam or a mind-blowing between-the-legs reverse dunk, we’ve got you covered. This guide helps you with the basics of executing a perfect dunk and tips and tricks for performing more advanced moves in NBA 2K24.

How to Dunk in NBA 2K24 (All Dunk Types)

How To Dunk In NBA 2K24 (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC)

Dunking is one of the most exciting things you can do in NBA 2K24. Whether you’re trying to post up bigger defenders or throw down an alley-oop, getting to the rim and dunking is satisfying.

There are several factors to consider when dunking. First and foremost, only tall players can attempt a standing dunk. Additionally, the dunk attribute of each player plays a significant role in determining their ability to complete a dunk successfully. Other important elements include vertical leaps and badges, which can improve a player’s overall dunking skills.

Here are the different ways you can dunk:

Basic Dunk

  • PlayStation: Press and hold R2, then press Square to dunk.
  • Xbox: Press and hold RT, then press X to dunk.
  • PC: Hold down the Numpad 5 key, then press your shoot button.

Alternative Dunks

You can try different types of dunks while holding down R2/RT;

  • Two-Handed Dunk: Point the right stick toward the rim while sprinting.
  • Strong Hand Dunk: Point the right stick right for a right-handed dunk or left for a left-handed dunk close to the rim.
  • Aggressive Dunk: Drive with left stick and hold right stick down, releasing at top of meter to posterize.
  • Flashy Dunk: Flick the right stick up-up for a one-handed flashy or down-up for two-handed.
  • Standing Dunk: Flick right stick up or press shoot button.
  • Contact Dunk: Dunk over a defender in the paint and pointing right stick up while driving.

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