How To Unlock NBA 2K22 Penthouse?

Find out how to unlock the Penthouse in NBA 2K22.

You will be able to live out your wildest NBA 2K22 superstar dreams with a Penthouse apartment in the city. This is the biggest flex that you can make in the game as you show off your fancy new apartment in the game. And best of all, there is one additional feature in the form of the Zipline. Just imagine, swinging on a Zipline as you glide over the lesser mortals in the city. A day in the life of LeBron James maybe? So, scroll down and find out how to live out your most luxurious dreams in NBA 2k22.

How to unlock the Penthouse property in NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 Penthouse: How To Unlock And Use Zipline Feature

To unlock the Penthouse property in the game you will have to earn a certain amount of MVP Points. This amount is 1 million to be exact. To get to 1 million MVP points in the game you will have to complete one specific challenge in the game. This challenge is known as the MVP of the city challenge.

Once you complete this challenge successfully, you will be given the keys to your swanky new Penthouse apartment in NBA 2K22. Prior to this, you will have to be content with just a normal apartment in the city. How boring! Also, you get 10000 VC once you complete the MVP challenge.

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How to unlock the Zipline feature in NBA 2K22?

The zipline is another new thing in NBA 2K22. You will get exclusive access to it once you unlock the Penthouse itself. The Zipline is basically a quick travel feature that will help you travel within the city. Once you exit the apartment, you will be shown a map with all the locations. Simply choose one of the Affiliate zones and you will be able to glide over to the location with ease.

How to earn more MVP Points to unlock the Penthouse in NBA 2K22?

To earn MVP Points, you will have to take part in various quests around the city. Completing these and the daily quests will earn you a lot of MVP points. Another way to get these points is to win games, take part in playoffs, compete in playoffs, take part in interviews and win accolades such as ROTY or MVP. You can have a look at the interlinked guide for a more detailed view on how to earn more MVP points.

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How to gain access to the Penthouse feature?

However, you have to remember one thing about the penthouse in NBA 2K22. This is an exclusive feature for next-gen console users only. So, if you don’t have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you are wildly out of luck. This feature has been included on next-gen consoles for their higher processing power and graphics capacity. On previous consoles, it would cause the game to run laggy or simply crash.

2K22 is anyways a graphics-heavy game that will leave lesser-powered consoles in the dust. This can be seen in the accurate renders and realistic expressions of players. Point in hand, the PS4 starts spooling up its fan so fast in a normal NBA matchup, it would fly away with the addition of tiny winglets. However, the price for the next-gen console games is similar to other versions of the game. If that is a worthy tradeoff or not is something you should decide.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to unlock the Penthouse and Zipline feature in NBA 2K22. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Become A Starter In NBA 2K22 and How To Perform Size Up Moves in NBA 2K22.