How To Get MVP Points in NBA 2K22

Check out how you can get MVP Points in NBA 2K22 in this guide.

Besides MyCareer mode, NBA 2K22 has a lot of things for you to do like an open-world Quest System, Music & Fashion, Personal Brand, and much more. All of these things which you do will lead you to become MVP of the City. Becoming MVP of the City unlocks you a Penthouse and other rewards which we will get into in a minute. So in this guide let us check out how to get MVP Points in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22: How To Get MVP Points

nba 2k22 how to get mvp points
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Earning MVP Points in NBA 2K22 is quite easy, that is because everything you do in the game will grant you some MVP points. Oh, and yes everything covers all the activities you do in your playthrough, it could be City or NBA games, Sidequests, interviews, runaway walks, and several other activities that will help you earn MVP Points. Some side quests like The Music Scene: Marvin’s room gives you 1000 MVP points for answering just 3 pop culture-related questions.

So the conclusion to the above query is, the more you play the game the more MVP points you get. And the best part is doing these activities is just optional, sure you can earn MVP points faster by completing them. But if you just like playing NBA that will eventually grant you enough MVP points so that you can get yourself the Penthouse.

How to get the Penthouse and other Rewards in NBA 2K22

To get the Penthouse in NBA 2K22 you will need to complete The World is Yours: MVP of the City quest. And to do that you will need 1,000,000 MVP points. Once you complete the above tasks you should be able to accumulate that many MVP points. Along with the Penthouse, you also get a zipline, quick access to affiliation courts, and 10,000 VC currency.

How to Track your progress for MVP of the City Challenge

You can do that by heading to the Quests menu. Proceed towards the City MVP tab. Here you can find your progress for the MVP points you’ve earned so far, and all the listed challenges.

That sums up this guide on how to get MVP points in NBA 2K22. You should also check out our guide on how to put on a unique outfit in NBA 2K22 to rack up on more MVP points.

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