Naughty Dog Starts Hiring for a New Single Player Game on PS5

As can be seen from current job advertisements, Naughty Dog is already working on at least one project for the PS5. However, no concrete details have yet been given.

Even though the first games of PS5 from various PlayStation studios were revealed last month as part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment online event, there is still a big question mark behind other first-party studios.

Among them is one of the acclaimed studio Naughty Dog, which recently released its latest project with The Last of Us 2. Despite everything, the developers of Naughty Dog are already working behind the scenes on the PS5 and are working on at least one project for the next-generation console of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This is at least apparent from current job advertisements from the California studio. It is said that several positions are to be filled. These include the positions of level/environment designer, melee/gameplay animator, or a programmer for tools. What Naughty Dog is working on in detail, however, is not apparent from the job advertisements.

Instead, we are simply talking about the fact that we are dealing with a single-player game. So it is reasonable to assume that Naughty Dog remains true to its strengths and once again relies on a cinematic experience driven by an exciting story.

Should there be any further details about the first PS5 project from Naughty Dog, you will of course find out from us immediately. The PS5 will appear in this year’s Christmas season.