Naughty Dog Confirms New Game Will Be “Something Very Cool” for PS5

It really seems that Naughty Dog has something in the pipeline. The same game director and Co-President of the software house, Neil Druckmann, has in fact recently written on his Twitter profile that he and his team are working on a new project that will be “something very cool.”

Rumors about a new Naughty Dog game have been chasing each other for some time, and therefore it seems the time has come for the team to launch a new IP after the announced resounding success of The Last of Us: Part 2. The proof are the new job advertisements that the software house has recently published.

From his official Twitter account, Neil Druckmann invites young talents to join his team, stating the following: “Come work with us! We’re making something very cool!.”Scrolling through the announcements, we can see how the team is moving in all directions, from the artistic sector to programming, passing through animators and game designers, expanding its staff so as to be ready for any type of challenge.

By making a quick analysis of the positions sought, we can try to draw some conclusions about the type of game that the company has in development. The future Environmental Artist will instead have to create natural and architectural environments, shape complex levels, while the Gameplay Animators will have to deal with motion capture sessions.

Most likely, therefore, as already happened for the Uncharted saga and the two The Last of Us, the narrative component will once again be fundamental, in addition to the ability to support it through a cutting-edge technology sector.

So we just have to wait for some more news on this new and mysterious project, with the certainty that Naughty Dog will once again churn out an excellent title. And what do you think, would you like a whole new IP, or are you already looking forward to the return of a new The Last of Us, or maybe a new Uncharted?