How To Unlock Natural Vengeance Headband Vanity Gear in Ghost of Tsushima

Natural Vengeance Headband is a Vanity Gear that is incredibly hard to find

Natural Vengeance Headband in Ghost of Tsushima is a piece of vanity gear that is rare and can only be achieved if you have the grappling hook. If you want to get the Natural Vengeance Headband, check here on how to do it.

How To Get Natural Vengeance Headband in Ghost of Tsushima

There are plenty of rare vanity gear in Ghost of Tsushima that will take you all throughout the island of Tsushima but the Natural Vengeance Headband can be found early on if you have the grappling hook.

Without the use of the grappling hook, getting the Natural Vengeance Headband is impossible. You will find the Ariake Lighthouse early on in the game.

If you climb up the stairs early on, you will be able to see a good part of the island and get a bird’s eye view. You can even light the fire in this lighthouse and it serves as a great vantage point.

If you haven’t unlocked the grappling hook, you can check out how to do it right here in Ghost of Tsushima.

Once, you have the grappling hook after you save Yuna’s brother and complete the required mission, you can fast travel back to the Ariake Lighthouse and climb up the stairs once again.

When you’re at the top, go to the corners edges and jump up. If you pull this off correctly you will see an option to use the grappling hook. Press R2 when the prompt shows up. You will have a short window so make sure that you time it right.

When you get to the top of the lighthouse, you will see the Natural Vengeance Headband which is a Vanity Gear. Take this amazing rare piece of gear and use it in the game.

This headgear is part of a vanity gear and will not give you additional buffs like some of the best armors in Ghost of Tsushima that you can find right here.

That’s all there is to do to get your hands on the Vengeance Headband in Ghost of Tsushima.