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Where To Find And Redeem All Nameless Treasure In Genshin Impact

Check the location of all Nameless Treasure and how to redeem them right here

Nameless Treasures in Genshin Impact are a bunch of chests that are locked behind a specific puzzle, these chests contain a ton of secrets for players to uncover and usually give out great rewards, but the problem is there is more than one nameless treasure that travelers will need to find in the game. If you want to know the exact location of all the Nameless Treasure and how to redeem them in the game, check the rest of this guide.

Where To Find All 3 Nameless Treasure In Genshin Impact

There are a total of three Nameless Treasures that you will need to find in Genshin Impact, all of these three treasures are found in different locations throughout the game. These item chests can only be opened once you solve the puzzle that is accompanied along with them. Check out the location of all the Nameless treasures right here.

Dunyu Ruins

Where To Find All Nameless Treasures In Genshin Impact

To find the first Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact, players will need to get to Dunyu Ruins. Once there you will need to get to the exact spot shown in the screenshot. This place is just above where you see the name Dunyu ruins on the map. Here you will have to light up all four torches in the Ruins, if you can’t find them make sure to check below the debris and fallen rocks.

Once you’re done with lighting up the torches, you will need to activate the Geo node with any of the Geo ability that you have. This will help you to go down below. Here you will find three seelies wandering, just guide them back to their pedestals and you will receive your prize.

Lingju Pass

Where To Find All Nameless Treasures In Genshin Impact

As soon as you get to Lingju Pass, you will see an NPC being captured by enemies. This is on the western side of the area, you will need to defeat all the enemies there and save the NPC from her cage. She will then give you the location of the second Nameless Treasure.

The second treasure is located at the Giant Golden Tree. You will have your objective marker guide you there, so there’s no worry about finding the big tree. Once you go there all you have to do is open the chests and collect the reward.

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Qingxu Pool

Where To Find All Nameless Treasures In Genshin Impact

Take a Geo character and reach Qingxu Pool, once here you see a tablet and on it, you will see that you need to break open 5 seals. There are 5 towers around the Pool and find the 5 Geo nodes.

Use your abilities to activate them and return to the Stone Tablet, this will give you the final Nameless Treasure.

How To Redeem Nameless Treasures In Genshin Impact

After collecting all the Nameless Treasures in Genshin Impact, you can turn them in for some great rewards, all you need to do is get back to Liyue Harbor and find Linlang. He runs an antique store called Xigu Antiques and you will need to talk to him. Hand him whatever you’ve found in all three chests and return you will get money as well as Primogems, and Adventure Rank XP.

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