Nadia Caught Hacking The COD MW 2 Event? (Explained)

Here's the full truth about the Twitch streamer Nadia cheating and getting kicked out of the COD MW 2 event.

Nadia Amine or popularly known as simply Nadia is one of the fastest-growing female Warzone streamers. For many pro-players and interviewers, she is a fine Warzone player. She was recently a target of several allegations of cheating and hacking during the COD Modern Warfare 2 reveal event. But did she hack or cheat in the event? Here’s everything about Nadia being caught hacking or cheating and getting kicked out of the MW 2 event.

Was Nadia Caught Hacking or Cheating COD MW 2 Event

The answer to that question is that she did not. While many clips from the stream would try to frame that, she did not hack or cheat in the event. When she was talking about her setup with the Activision personnel, it was about a technical hitch. As stated by Nadia, she couldn’t hear from one of her earpieces.

Why did Nadia Get Kicked Out of the MW 2?

The answer is that Naida was not kicked out of the event but called out for a brief 30-second interview. She was allowed to continue and stream, again. When the MW 2 employee, said, “She will be right back with the stream”, she was filled in by her friend. He jokingly said that she was in big trouble with Activision for cheating. That’s where the trouble began.

mw 2 nadia caught hacking cheating

She explains the context and provides several clips that suggest otherwise. Here’s the video for it:

Even the video above is titled “I GOT KICKED OUT FOR CHEATING AT COD LAN EVENT”. In my opinion, the title could be misleading for the ones that didn’t watch the video. But this is not the first time Nadia has got allegations of sus gameplay. In one of her streams, she jokingly says that she is using wall hacks. On the contrary, she’s not. Here’s one of the other clips of Nadia that received insane backlash in the past:

Nadia has been a victim of several misogynistic comments and edited videos. Some videos have her washing dishes, making a sandwich, and tons of other sexist content. This could be exhausting for anyone.

There’s an old saying that quotes, “Don’t Believe everything you read or watch on the Internet“. But the problem is that only negative, nasty, and horrible things on the Internet go viral. While you are at it, try not to spread much hatred and negativity online.

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