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How To Get And Use Mysterious Map Fragment In Hogwarts Legacy

Follow the guide to find and use Mysterious Map Fragment of Hogwarts Legacy and complete Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest.

The Mysterious Map Fragment is needed to access and complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest of Hogwarts Legacy. You get Treasure-Seeker’s Attire and some Gold by completing the quest. But finding the fragment and completing the quest, can be trickier than it seems, so read along to get a map and treasure chest from the side quest.

How to Get Mysterious Map Fragment in Hogwarts Legacy

Find Map Fragment Hogwarts Legacy
Image Credit: PS5Trophies on YouTube

A chest in Manor Glen of Manor Cape region has the Mysterious Map Fragment in Hogwarts Legacy. The Manor is situated at the left part of the Manor Cape region and in the graveyard north of Old Manor. Once you have reached the location shown in the above picture, use fire to light the pot in front of the statue.

  • The statue will rotate revealing a dish-like structure. Go and stand on it.
  • This will take you to a new room, where you’ll have to fight with the Ailsa Travers.
  • Once you have defeated the Ailsa, use Revelio to reveal the location of the chest.
  • Next, use Alohomora level 3 to unlock the chest and get the Mysterious Map Fragment.

How to Use Fragment and Complete Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

Fragment Map of HL

The Hogwarts Legacy Mysterious Map Fragment contains both solutions to the quest and its location. The map is pointing toward the picture of the Tomb of Treachery located on the Poidsear Coast near the waterfall.

Fragment Map Tomb of Treachery

  • Use the image to get to the location if you have never been there.
  • Pass through the waterfall, and you will see a Floo Flame and entrance to the tomb.
  • Keep exploring till you find a door with 3 butterfly imprints. On both sides of that door, you will see a similar pattern of doors.
  • Collect butterflies from side rooms; use Lumos to attract them and then place them on the door.
  • The door will open and you will have to face a new set of enemies.
  • After you have cleared them, look for the floor tiles shown on the Mysterious Map Fragment.

Flip Tiles In Hogwarts Legacy

  • Now use Flipendo to flip floor plates like in the picture. This will trigger the mechanism which will make the chest resurface.
  • Collect Treasure-Seeker’s Attire and Gold from it.

Hopefully, you found and used the Mysterious Map Fragment of Hogwarts Legacy to complete the quest and obtain attires. If you did, read our other articles, like how to get Voldemort in Hogwarts Legacy, and check out the Talents tier list.