How to Play As Mysteen In Rocket Arena

With over 10 characters to pick here is tips if you choose to play as Mysteen In Rocket Arena. Magic and Element of Surprise is her specialty.

Mysteen is one of the ten heroes in Rocket Arena, a character with some magical abilities. The game is all about rocket loaded battle royale fight. With heavy weapons, magical abilities and weapons fused all together it can be confusing how to pick the best hero in Rocket Arena. To save your time I am coming with a tip to play as Mysteen. And if you want to know more then here is all Rocket Arena 10 Heroes guide.

How to play as Mysteen in Rocket Arena?

Mysteen uses illusion and deception, she is the only hero who can summon her clone in the game. Doesn’t this remind you of something? Well, the idea is the same a Clone that runs on her behalf and you can switch position live during the battle. So if you love to play tricks then Mysteen is your girl.

Every character in Rocket Arena has three ways of attacks. Primary Ability, Second Ability, and Specials. Card Rockets is Mysteen’s primary ability. Highly accurate she can shoot a 3-round burst attack after every third attack. But it has to be consecutive, this is where the ability is challenging to use.

Mysteen Abilities

Mysteen also has a defensive power, her secondary ability helps her to bring on a Mirror Shield during the fight. This shield can block all incoming rockets for a short period. A powerful defensive move to guard yourself.

Her Special Ability is Phantasm, the ghost ability. She can summon a double in the match tricking players which one to shoot and which one to ignore. Reactivating allows you to switch places with the ghost, so if you see the clone is way forward or near or at the back of the enemy just switch and attack.

Mysteen magical powers focus on close-range combat and ideal if you always on your toe to escape. It is not recommended if you play aggressively and prefer to kill everyone in your way. So here is how you can play as Mysteen in Rocket Arena.