My Time At Sandrock Gift Guide For All Characters

In My Time At Sandrock, you can make just about anyone your friend by using this Gift Guide. You can check the items they like and impress them. This game has a lot of characters, and finding out who likes what can be quite nerve-racking. Apart from this reason, not every character will like the same things and they all have different tastes. Even if you are looking to charm a specific character with the prospect of marriage or just looking to just start a nurturing friendship, you can refer to this detailed guide below.

My Time At Sandrock Best Gifts for All Characters

My Time At Sandrock All Characters Gift Guide
Source – Steam
Character NameLoved GiftLiked Gifts
CatoriAgave Potted Plant⁠⁠Cross Anchor
 ⁠⁠Amber Pendant⁠⁠Curling Iron
 ⁠⁠Armor Display⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Around the World in However Many Days⁠⁠Facial Cream
 ⁠⁠Art Museum Model⁠⁠Feather Duster
 ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Folder Holder
 ⁠⁠Desk Clock⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Double Earrings⁠⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model
 ⁠⁠Jade Bracelet⁠⁠Hair Dryer
 ⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Office Chair⁠⁠Milk Pudding
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Nail File
GraceAgave LeafBeef Noodles
 ⁠⁠Compact Motor⁠⁠Chili
 ⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone⁠⁠Copper Spatula
 ⁠⁠Condenser⁠⁠Data Disc
 ⁠⁠Cooking Master⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Copper Pot⁠⁠Iron Dagger
 ⁠⁠DNA Model⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish
 ⁠⁠Equatorial Mount⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Frying Pan⁠⁠Microchip
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Motivational Hammer
 ⁠⁠Spaceship Model⁠Nine-Horn Dragon
 ⁠⁠Spice Rack⁠⁠Opal
  ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings
  ⁠⁠Power Stones
  ⁠⁠Sand Sculpture Meat
  ⁠⁠Sand Tea Beef
  ⁠⁠Simple Circuit
  Two-tone Waistband
  ⁠⁠Vintage Pistol
  ⁠⁠Vintage assault rifle
  ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant
NiaConcentrated Algae ApparatusBiocrust
 Sand Jujube CakeCantaloupe
  Chestnut Seed
  Coffee Beans
  Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
  Mountain Rose
  Rhino Horn Seeds
AmirahBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantAmber
 ⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Antidote
 ⁠Cute Armchair⁠Bloodstone
 ⁠Cute Stool⁠Brush⁠
 ⁠Elegant Flower Box⁠⁠Canvas⁠
 ⁠Explorer Hat⁠⁠Ceramic Plate⁠
 ⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Copper Rose Brooch⁠
 ⁠Hemp Carpet⁠⁠Diamond⁠
 ⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠⁠Fettling Knife⁠
 ⁠Orchid Earrings⁠Fluorite⁠
 ⁠Ozdak Dancing Statue⁠⁠Frying Pan⁠
 ⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue⁠⁠Full Moon Bracelet⁠
 ⁠Painting: Desert⁠Glass Lens
 ⁠Retro Fan⁠Gold⁠
 ⁠Rustic Cabinet⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠
 ⁠Windproof Headphones⁠⁠Heatstroke Medicine⁠
  ⁠Lapis Lazuli
  Lavender Gem⁠
  ⁠Mushroom Soup⁠
  ⁠Orchid Extract⁠
  ⁠Peacock Feather Brooch
  ⁠Pottery Wheel
  ⁠Salt and Pepper Mushroom
  ⁠Sand-proof Scarf⁠
  ⁠Sandberry Chestnut Milk⁠
  ⁠Silk Scarf⁠
  ⁠Skin Cream
  ⁠Strong Medicine
  ⁠Tempered Glass⁠
ElsieBullheadKingAdvanced Sandfish Trap
 ⁠⁠Cat House⁠⁠Chopped Pepper Fish Head
 ⁠⁠Golden Bull Head⁠⁠Desert Defender Boots
 ⁠⁠Jeweled Egg⁠⁠Desert Defender Waist Bag
 ⁠⁠Meowses II Statue⁠Fluorite
 ⁠NineHornDragonKing⁠⁠Funny Mask
 ⁠⁠Professional Sandfish Trap⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Boots⁠⁠Hot and Sour Fish
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠Hourglass
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠⁠Journey to the East
 ⁠⁠Sand Eagle Statue⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Shiny Scorpion⁠⁠⁠⁠Yakmel Hairband
 ⁠Small crawler box⁠⁠Pioneer
 ⁠⁠Stegosaurus Skeleton Model⁠⁠Retro Fan
Heidi⁠⁠Iron AxeAluminum ingot
 Art Museum Model⁠⁠Amber Earrings
 ⁠⁠Cable-stayed Bridge⁠⁠Armor Display
 ⁠Chandelier⁠⁠Bronze Axe
 ⁠⁠Chromium Steel Bar⁠⁠Copper Rose Brooch
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Cute Square Table
 ⁠⁠Cute Dresser⁠Ebony Board
 ⁠⁠Cute Stool⁠⁠Elegant Square Table
 ⁠⁠Eel Jerky⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Elegant Swing⁠⁠Gold Earrings
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model
 ⁠⁠Fried Fish and Lotus⁠⁠Hot and Sour Fish
 ⁠⁠Iron Plate⁠⁠Iron Plate
 ⁠⁠Leather Gloves⁠⁠Jeweled Egg
 ⁠⁠Manganese Steel Plate⁠⁠Large Storage Box
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Retro Fan⁠⁠Manganese Steel Bar
 ⁠⁠Rustic Cushion Chair⁠⁠Marble Slab
 ⁠⁠Sailor’s Horn⁠⁠Meowses II Statue
 ⁠⁠Steel Frame⁠⁠Roasted Eel
 ⁠Titanium magnesium alloy⁠⁠Sandfish with Secret Sauce
 ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠⁠Wooden Storage
 ⁠⁠Yakboy BookshelfWrench
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet
Mi-anCrystal tree seedLeather Gloves
 Advanced Energy Grass SeedCast Iron Pipe
 ⁠⁠Chromium Steel Bar⁠⁠Cast Iron Rod
 ⁠⁠Colorful gem tree seeds⁠⁠Coconut Milk Jelly
 ⁠⁠Cute Square Table⁠⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds
 ⁠⁠Golden tree seed⁠⁠Compact Motor
 ⁠⁠Hardener⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone
 ⁠⁠Iron Axe⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Iron Plate⁠⁠Ebony Board
 ⁠Magnesium aluminum alloyEnergy grass seeds
 Pencil Cactus Seed⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Plasticizer⁠⁠Fried Meat with Chili
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Boots⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Hat⁠HornedAdderKing
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠⁠Iron Elbow Pads
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads
 SnakeHeadFishKing⁠⁠Iron Plate
 ⁠⁠Steel Frame⁠⁠Large Storage Box
 ⁠⁠Techno Locker⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Techno Table⁠⁠Leche Frita
 ⁠Titanium banana seed⁠⁠Marble Slab
 ⁠⁠Titanium Ore⁠⁠Miner’s Hat
 ⁠⁠Vanadium Ore⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant
  ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Seeds
  ⁠⁠Seared Green Chili Pepper
  ⁠⁠Spicy and Sour Potato
  ⁠⁠Sweet and Spicy Wings
JasmineArmor DisplaySpider Web Pendant
 Cheese SandwichAmber
 Cute Duck ToyBanana-Orange Gelatin
 Fine Mushroom Forest CakeBudding Brooch
Krystal Agave LeafAmber Earrings
 ⁠⁠Cistanche⁠⁠Casual Hat
 ⁠⁠Copper Pot⁠⁠Casual Shoes
 ⁠⁠Copper Rose Brooch⁠⁠Casual Shorts
 ⁠⁠Curry Powder⁠⁠Casual T-shirt
 ⁠⁠Diamond Ring⁠⁠Copper Spatula
 ⁠⁠Five Spice Powder⁠⁠Curling Iron
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Desert Defender Boots
 ⁠⁠Frying Pan⁠⁠Desert Defender Cape
 ⁠⁠Gold Earrings⁠⁠Desert Defender Pants
 ⁠⁠Jade Bracelet⁠⁠Desert Defender Shirt
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Desert Defender Waist Bag
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Boots⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Hat⁠⁠Facial Cream
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Full Moon Bracelet
 ⁠⁠Spice Rack⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠⁠Golden Ear Bone Ring
  ⁠⁠Hair Dryer
  ⁠⁠Jade Waist Pendant
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Nail File
  ⁠⁠Peacock Feather Brooch
  ⁠⁠Silk Scarf
  ⁠⁠Skin Cream
  ⁠⁠Soup Pot
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Hat
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Comb
Mabel Artificial LeatherAgave Leaf
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Cistanche
 ⁠⁠Copper Pot⁠⁠Concealer
 ⁠⁠Copper Rose Brooch⁠⁠Copper Spatula
 ⁠⁠Cute Dresser⁠Desk Clock
 ⁠⁠Cute Lazy Sofa⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Fiber Thread⁠⁠Facial Cream
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Feather Duster
 ⁠⁠Frying Pan⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Hardened Leather⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel
 ⁠⁠Hemp Carpet⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Honey Avocado⁠⁠Goldfish Cutout
 ⁠⁠Honey Sambo⁠⁠Highwind Fried Rice
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Hourglass
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Dancing Statue⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Step Dancing Statue⁠⁠Quartz Sand Wishing Bottle
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus
 ⁠⁠Refined Suede⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Rustic Tea Table⁠⁠Simple Vacuum Cleaner
 ⁠⁠Sandberry Chestnut Milk⁠⁠Skin Cream
 ⁠⁠Spice Rack⁠⁠Skin Cream
 ⁠⁠Tanned Leather⁠⁠Soup Pot
 ⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠Spoon
 ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠⁠Summer Sand Tea
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Flowerpot⁠⁠Sweet Pancake
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Large Picture Frame⁠⁠Water
  ⁠⁠Wind Chimes
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Doll
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Comb
Matilda Agave LeafBaked snails
 ⁠⁠Cistanche⁠⁠Ceramic Plate
 ⁠⁠Copper Spatula⁠⁠Coffee Beans
 ⁠Desk Clock⁠⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Delicious Avocado
 ⁠⁠Facial Cream⁠⁠Di Sanxian
 ⁠⁠Feather Duster⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Fluorite⁠⁠Diamond grass seeds
 ⁠⁠Fragrant SatchelElegant Lounging Chair
 ⁠⁠Gold⁠⁠Farmer’s Stew
 ⁠⁠Goldfish Cutout⁠⁠Fine Delicious Avocado
 ⁠⁠Highwind Fried Rice⁠⁠Fine Di Sanxian
 ⁠⁠Lavender Gem⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Opal⁠⁠Hemp Carpet
 ⁠⁠Quartz Sand Wishing Bottle⁠⁠Hourglass
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Rosestone⁠Lithops seeds
 ⁠⁠Simple Vacuum Cleaner⁠⁠Meat Stuffed Mushroom
 ⁠⁠Skin Cream⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Skin Cream⁠⁠Rhino Horn Seeds
 ⁠⁠Soup Pot⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠Spoon⁠⁠Rustic Dining Table
 ⁠⁠Summer Sand Tea⁠⁠Summer Sand Tea
 ⁠⁠Sweet Pancake⁠⁠Tartary Buckwheat Tea
 ⁠⁠Water⁠⁠Tea Leaves
 ⁠⁠Wind Chimes⁠⁠Yakboy Flowerpot
 ⁠⁠Yakmel Doll⁠⁠Yakboy Geometric Carpet
 ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet⁠⁠Yakboy Large Picture Frame
 ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Comb 
Vivi Agave Potted PlantBlessing Pendant
 ⁠⁠Artificial Leather⁠⁠Budding Brooch
 ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠Bullhead
 ⁠⁠Complete Skin⁠⁠Eel Jerky
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel
 ⁠⁠Fiber Thread⁠⁠Fried Fish and Lotus
 ⁠⁠Gold Earrings⁠⁠Frying Pan
 ⁠⁠Gold Ring⁠⁠Full Moon Bracelet
 ⁠⁠Golden Ear Bone Ring⁠⁠Funny Mask
 ⁠⁠Hardened Leather⁠⁠Germinating Hairpin
 ⁠⁠Jade Bracelet⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Jeweled Egg⁠⁠Highwind Fried Rice
 ⁠⁠Large Storage Box⁠⁠Hot and Sour Fish
 ⁠⁠Magnifier⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish
 ⁠⁠Meowses II Statue⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant⁠⁠Linoleum
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Step Dancing Statue⁠⁠Melon Mousse
 ⁠⁠Refined Suede⁠Nine-Horn Dragon
 ⁠⁠Tanned Leather⁠⁠Pickled Black Fungus
  ⁠⁠Potted Ball Cactus
  ⁠⁠Potted Cactus
  ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus
  ⁠⁠Roasted Eel
  ⁠Robot Glasses
  ⁠⁠Sandfish with Secret Sauce
  ⁠⁠Snake Head Fish
  ⁠⁠Spice Rack
  ⁠⁠Sweet and Sour Tenderloin
  ⁠⁠Tomato Fish
  ⁠⁠Wool Cloth
  ⁠⁠Woolen Cloth
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Doll
Arvio Agave Potted PlantAmber Earrings
 ⁠Beast Head Jade Chalice⁠⁠Bronze Axe⁠
 ⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠⁠Bronze Pickhammer⁠
 ⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern⁠⁠Ceramic Bottle
 ⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Dragon’s Blood⁠
 ⁠Cowboy Scarecrow⁠⁠Eel Jerky
 ⁠Cute Armchair⁠⁠Fluorite⁠
 ⁠Elegant Sofa⁠⁠Golden Ear Bone Ring⁠
 ⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Iron Axe
 ⁠Funny Mask⁠⁠Iron Dagger⁠
 ⁠Golden Candlestick⁠⁠Iron Greatsword
 ⁠Golfing Astronaut Model⁠Iron Pickhammer
 ⁠Jeweled Egg⁠⁠Iron Spear
 ⁠Large Storage Box⁠Iron Sword And Shield
 ⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠Lavender Gem⁠
 ⁠Lithops Potted Plants⁠Leather Belt⁠
 ⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant⁠⁠Leche Frita
 ⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue⁠⁠Magnesium Ore⁠
 ⁠Pro Gamer Chair⁠⁠Mistletoe⁠
 ⁠Retro Fan⁠⁠Mushroom Forest Cake⁠
 ⁠Robot Glasses⁠⁠Opal⁠
 ⁠Rooster Crest Headdress⁠⁠Picnic Basket⁠
 ⁠Simple Bookcase⁠⁠Rosestone⁠
 ⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Sand Tea Noodles⁠
 ⁠Yakboy Rocking Chair⁠⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche⁠
 ⁠Yakboy Sofa⁠⁠Titanium Ore⁠
 ⁠Yakboy Swing⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠
  ⁠Undead Grass⁠
  ⁠Vanadium Ore⁠
  ⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠
  ⁠Wooden Storage⁠
Burgess ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBiocrust
 ⁠⁠Bullhead⁠⁠Chestnut Pork
 ⁠⁠Chestnut Fish-heads⁠⁠Copper Pot
 ⁠⁠Cistanche⁠⁠Curry Powder
 ⁠⁠Cute Refrigerator⁠⁠Dew Collector
 ⁠⁠Cute Single Bed⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sun Umbrella⁠⁠Fertilizer
 ⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish⁠⁠Five Spice Powder
 ⁠⁠Lithops Potted Plants⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant⁠⁠Frying Pan
 ⁠⁠Nine-Horn Dragon⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Potted Cactus⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Mountain Rose
 ⁠⁠Rib Meat⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Small crawler box⁠⁠Potted Ball Cactus
 ⁠⁠Snake Head Fish⁠Racerunner
 ⁠⁠Steamed Sandfish⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Display Board⁠⁠Sand Date Flower
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Geometric CarpetSand Lizard
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Mirror⁠⁠Sand Scallop
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Rocking Chair⁠⁠Sand Tea Noodles
  ⁠⁠Shiny Scorpion
  ⁠⁠Soup Pot
  ⁠⁠Soy Sauce
  ⁠⁠Spice Rack
  ⁠⁠Sweet Sandberry Juice
  ⁠⁠Tomato Beef Brisket
  ⁠⁠Watering Can
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Milk
Ernest Beast Head Jade ChaliceCantaloupe
 ⁠⁠Cact-o’-Lantern⁠⁠Chestnut Fish-heads
 ⁠⁠Cact-o’-Lantern Scarecrow⁠⁠Cistanche
 ⁠⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern⁠⁠Coconut Milk Jelly
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Crafted Pencilholder
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sun Umbrella⁠⁠Desert Mushroom
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Golden Candlestick⁠⁠Eagle Flute
 ⁠⁠Hemp Carpet⁠⁠Fine Fish Porridge
 ⁠⁠Hourglass⁠⁠Fine Mushroom Forest Cake
 ⁠⁠Meowses II Statue⁠⁠Fish Porridge
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue⁠⁠Goldfish Cutout
 ⁠⁠Painting: Desert⁠⁠Journey to the East
 ⁠⁠Rustic Lounging Chair⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Rustic Tea Table⁠⁠Mushroom Forest Cake
 ⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Wind Chimes⁠⁠Pencil
 ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠⁠Pioneer
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Popping Oil Fruit
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Rocking Chair⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Swing⁠⁠Rosestone
  ⁠⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche
  ⁠⁠Watercolor Paints
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Doll
Justice Arm StretcherBassia Potion
 ⁠⁠Barbell⁠⁠Beef Noodles
 ⁠⁠Comfortable Chair⁠⁠Braised BBQ Ribs
 ⁠⁠Easy Bazooka⁠⁠Bronze Daggers
 ⁠⁠Fang Special X⁠⁠Bronze Greatsword
 ⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠⁠Bronze Spear
 ⁠⁠Iron Dagger⁠Bronze Sword and Shield
 ⁠⁠Iron Greatsword⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup⁠⁠Explorer Boots
 ⁠⁠Iron Spear⁠⁠Explorer Pants
 ⁠⁠Iron Sword And Shield⁠⁠Explorer Vest
 ⁠⁠Mad Doctor Potion⁠⁠Fang Special
 ⁠⁠Motivational Hammer⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Office Chair⁠⁠Fried Meat with Chili
 ⁠⁠Pro Gamer Chair⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Vintage assault rifle⁠⁠Hemostat
 ⁠⁠Vintage Pistol⁠⁠Iron Elbow Pads
 ⁠⁠Working Desk⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Leather Gloves
  ⁠⁠Orchid Extract
  ⁠⁠Seared Green Chili Pepper
  ⁠⁠Spicy and Sour Potato
  ⁠⁠Strong Medicine
  ⁠⁠Tartary Buckwheat Tea
  ⁠⁠Thunderweed Extract
  ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant
Miguel Colorful gem tree seedsAgave Leaf
 ⁠⁠Concentrated Algae Apparatus⁠Alfalfa cotton seeds
 ⁠⁠Crystal tree seed⁠⁠Alfalfa Salad
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Around the World in However Many Days
 ⁠⁠Dragon’s Blood⁠Blue Blood Seed
 ⁠⁠Elegant Bench⁠⁠Chestnut Seed
 ⁠⁠Elegant Flower Box⁠⁠Cistanche
 ⁠⁠Elegant Square Table⁠⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds
 ⁠Golden tree seed⁠⁠Cold Cactus
 ⁠Grapevines⁠⁠Crafted Pencilholder
 ⁠Mistletoe⁠⁠Eagle Flute
 ⁠⁠Painting: Desert⁠⁠Fang Special X
 ⁠⁠Rustic Chair⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Undead Grass⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Flowerpot⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Small Round Stool⁠⁠Growing Guide
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Small Square Stool⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup
  ⁠⁠Journey to the East
  ⁠⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠Lithops seeds
  ⁠⁠Mad Doctor Potion
  ⁠⁠Pickled Black Fungus
  ⁠⁠Popping Oil Fruit
  ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus
  ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Seeds
  ⁠⁠Sandrice Sushi
  ⁠⁠Waist Bag
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Horn Comb
Fang He will not accept any gifts offered to him.  
Owen Animal Skin CarpetAlfalfa Baked Eggs
 ⁠⁠Arm Stretcher⁠Bullhead
 ⁠⁠Around the World in However Many Days⁠⁠Ceramic Bottle
 ⁠⁠Cistanche⁠⁠Crucian Carp
 ⁠⁠Copper Pot⁠⁠Desert Mudfish
 ⁠⁠Eel Jerky⁠⁠Desk Clock
 ⁠⁠Frying Pan⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Journey to the East⁠⁠Explorer Boots
 ⁠⁠Leather Belt⁠⁠Explorer Pants
 ⁠⁠Leather Gloves⁠⁠Explorer Vest
 ⁠⁠Painting: Desert⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Pioneer⁠⁠Horned Adder
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Hourglass
 ⁠⁠Sandacuda King⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish
 ⁠⁠Sandfish King⁠⁠Large Horned Adder
 ⁠⁠Spice Rack⁠⁠Large Sandacuda
 ⁠⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Meaty Cactus Stew
  ⁠Nine-Horn Dragon
  ⁠⁠Popping Oil Fruit
  ⁠⁠Rib Meat
  ⁠⁠Sandberry Egg Soup
  ⁠⁠Sandrice Sushi
  ⁠⁠Snake Head Fish
  ⁠⁠Tea Leaves
  ⁠⁠Walking Fish
  ⁠⁠Wind Chimes
  ⁠⁠Yakmel Sausage
Pen Arm StretcherBone Necklace
 ⁠⁠Barbell⁠⁠Bone Ring
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Bronze Daggers
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sofa⁠⁠Bronze Greatsword
 ⁠⁠Explorer Boots⁠⁠Bronze Spear
 ⁠⁠Explorer Hat⁠⁠Bronze Sword and Shield
 ⁠⁠Explorer Pants⁠⁠Chopped Pepper Fish Head
 ⁠⁠Explorer Scarf⁠⁠Cowprint Sofa
 ⁠⁠Explorer Vest⁠⁠Fang Special X
 ⁠Hardwood dining table⁠⁠Fine Chopped Pepper Fish Head
 ⁠⁠Iron Dagger⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Iron Elbow Pads⁠⁠Fried Meat with Chili
 ⁠⁠Iron Greatsword⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill
 ⁠⁠Iron Spear⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup
 ⁠⁠Iron Sword And Shield⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Leather Gloves⁠⁠Leather Belt
 ⁠⁠Motivational Hammer⁠⁠Mad Doctor Potion
 ⁠⁠Premium Wood Desk⁠⁠Metal Single Bed
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Boots⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Hat⁠⁠Open Weapon Rack
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠⁠Rustic Cabinet
 ⁠⁠Rustic Wardrobe⁠⁠Rustic Dining Table
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Display Board⁠⁠Sand Tea Beef
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Horn Decoration⁠⁠Shelf Weapon Rack
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Target⁠⁠Simple Cabinet
  ⁠⁠Square Wooden Table
  ⁠⁠Steak Surprise
  ⁠⁠Weapon rack
  ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant
  ⁠⁠Wooden Bookcase
Qi Compact MotorArmor Display
 ⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone⁠⁠Broken Power Stone
 ⁠⁠Condenser⁠⁠Coffee Beans
 ⁠⁠DNA Model⁠⁠Cross Anchor
 ⁠⁠Equatorial Mount⁠⁠Data Disc
 ⁠⁠Flag Waving Astronaut Model⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Golfing Astronaut Model⁠⁠Engine
 ⁠⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model⁠⁠Fish Fossil
 ⁠⁠Inflated Astronaut Model⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Pro Gamer Chair⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Spaceship Model⁠⁠Kudingcha
 ⁠⁠Spacesuit⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Techno Box⁠⁠Meat Stuffed Mushroom
 ⁠⁠Techno Locker⁠⁠Microchip
 ⁠⁠Techno Table⁠⁠Milk Chestnut
 ⁠⁠Windmill Weather Vane⁠⁠Opal
  ⁠⁠Power Stones
  ⁠⁠Sailor’s Horn
  ⁠⁠Ship Wheel Model
  ⁠⁠Simple Circuit
  ⁠⁠Simple Circuits
  ⁠⁠Stegosaurus Skeleton Model
  ⁠⁠Sugar Fried Chestnut
  ⁠⁠Summer Sand Tea
  ⁠⁠Sweet Pancake
  ⁠⁠Tartary Buckwheat Tea
  ⁠⁠Tea Leaves
 ⁠⁠Gold⁠⁠Chromium Ore
 ⁠⁠Opal⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone
  ⁠⁠Lapis Lazuli
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Magnesium Ore
  ⁠⁠Titanium Ore
  ⁠Vanadium aluminum titanium alloy
  ⁠⁠Vanadium Ore
Cooper elicious AvocadoAnimal Skin Carpet
 ⁠⁠Eagle Flute⁠⁠Braised BBQ Ribs
 ⁠Easy Bazooka⁠⁠Bronze Daggers
 ⁠⁠Eel Jerky⁠⁠Bronze Greatsword
 ⁠⁠Fine Delicious Avocado⁠⁠Bronze Spear
 ⁠⁠Harmonica⁠⁠Bronze Sword and Shield
 ⁠⁠Iron Dagger⁠⁠Concentrated Algae Apparatus
 ⁠⁠Iron Elbow Pads⁠⁠Cowprint Sofa
 ⁠⁠Iron Greatsword⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads⁠⁠Fine Sweet and Sour Sandfish
 ⁠⁠Iron Spear⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Iron Sword And Shield⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Leather Belt⁠⁠Grapevines
 ⁠⁠Leather Gloves⁠⁠Hardwood dining table
 ⁠⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Leisurely Rattan Tea Table⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Motivational Hammer⁠⁠Potted Ball Cactus
 ⁠⁠Sand Jujube Cake⁠⁠Potted Cactus
 ⁠⁠Vintage assault rifle⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Vintage Pistol⁠⁠Rustic Cabinet
 ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠⁠Rustic Cushion Chair
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Rustic Sofa
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Horn Decoration⁠⁠Stewed Beef with Potatoes
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Rocking Chair⁠⁠Sweet and Sour Sandfish
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Wardrobe⁠⁠Water
 ⁠⁠Yakmel Saddle⁠⁠Wooden Bookcase
 ⁠⁠Yakmel Sausage⁠⁠Yakboy Flowerpot
 Concentrated Algae ApparatusCoffee Tea Tree Seeds
 Elegant Flower BoxCold Cactus
 Feather DusterDesert Mushroom Strains
 Hemp CarpetDiamond
 Rhino Horn CactusFertilizer
 Rustic SofaFlourite
 Rustic WardrobeFried Alfalfa
  Fruit Salad
  Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
  Rhino Horn Seeds
  Sand Tea Beef
  Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds
Hugo Chromium Steel BarAluminum Ore
 ⁠⁠Comfortable Chair⁠⁠Animal Skin Carpet
 ⁠⁠Eagle Flute⁠⁠Beef Noodles
 ⁠⁠Harmonica⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant
 ⁠⁠Iron Axe⁠Bullhead
 ⁠⁠Iron Dagger⁠⁠Chestnut Fish-heads
 ⁠⁠Iron Greatsword⁠⁠Chromium Ore
 ⁠⁠Iron Pickhammer⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Iron Plate⁠⁠Elegant Lounging Chair
 ⁠⁠Iron Spear⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Iron Sword And Shield⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish
 ⁠⁠Magnesium aluminum alloy⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Magnesium Ore⁠⁠Manganese Ore
 ⁠⁠Manganese Steel Plate⁠⁠Manganese Steel Bar
 ⁠⁠Motivational Hammer⁠⁠Mountain Rose
 ⁠⁠Steel Frame⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant
 ⁠⁠Titanium magnesium alloy⁠⁠Nickel Ore
 ⁠⁠Titanium Ore⁠Nine-Horn Dragon
 ⁠⁠Vanadium aluminum titanium alloy⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Vanadium Ore⁠⁠Pickled Black Fungus
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Horn Decoration⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Sofa⁠⁠Rustic Wardrobe
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Target⁠⁠Sand Date Flower
  ⁠⁠Sandfish with Secret Sauce
  ⁠⁠Simple Bookcase
  ⁠⁠Snake Head Fish
  ⁠⁠Steamed Sandfish
  ⁠⁠Steel Bar
  ⁠⁠Sweet Potato Bake
  ⁠⁠Tartary Buckwheat Tea
  ⁠⁠Tomato Fish
  ⁠⁠Wooden Bookcase
Jensen Armor DisplayBanana-Orange Gelatin
 ⁠⁠Cable-stayed Bridge⁠⁠Bearing
 ⁠⁠Cast Iron Pipe⁠⁠Bronze Pipes
 ⁠⁠Cast Iron Wheels⁠⁠Bronze Stick
 ⁠⁠Cross Anchor⁠⁠Cast Iron Nails
 ⁠⁠Iron Wire⁠⁠Chestnut Pork
 ⁠⁠Jewelry Showcase⁠⁠Coconut Milk Jelly
 ⁠⁠Magnet⁠⁠Copper Gear
 ⁠⁠Metal Hinge⁠⁠Copper Pipe
 ⁠⁠Rusty Robot⁠⁠Copper Stick
 ⁠⁠Sailor’s Horn⁠⁠Copper Wire
 ⁠⁠Ship Wheel Model⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Simple Bookcase⁠⁠Engine
 ⁠⁠Simple Cabinet⁠⁠Explorer Hat
 ⁠⁠Spring Brake Caliper⁠⁠Eyedrop
 ⁠⁠Stegosaurus Skeleton Model⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Tempered Glass⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Heatstroke Medicine
  ⁠⁠Iron Latch
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Leather Belt
  ⁠⁠Leather Gloves
  ⁠⁠Old Parts
  ⁠⁠Plastic Pipe
  ⁠⁠Power Stones
  ⁠⁠Rubber Belt
  ⁠⁠Rubber Tube
  ⁠⁠Sand-proof Scarf
  ⁠⁠Simple Circuit
  ⁠⁠Sun Shawl
  ⁠⁠Sweet and Sour Tenderloin
  ⁠⁠Windproof Headphones
Pablo Beast Head Jade Chalice⁠⁠Amber
 ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠⁠Bone Necklace
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Curling Iron
 ⁠⁠Copper Rose Brooch⁠⁠Eagle Flute
 ⁠⁠Cute Cassette Player⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Cute Dresser⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel
 ⁠⁠Cute Refrigerator⁠⁠Fruit Salad
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Full Moon Bracelet
 ⁠⁠Diamond Ring⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Elegant Swing⁠⁠Hair Dryer
 ⁠⁠Floating Galaxy⁠⁠Harmonica
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Gold Earrings⁠⁠Lithops Potted Plants
 ⁠⁠Golden Bull Head⁠⁠Nail File
 ⁠⁠Golden Candlestick⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Jeweled Egg⁠⁠Pickled Black Fungus
 ⁠⁠Jewelry Showcase⁠⁠Potato Salad
 ⁠⁠Meowses II Statue⁠⁠Potted Ball Cactus
 ⁠⁠Mountain Rose Potted Plant⁠⁠Potted Cactus
 ⁠⁠Orchid Earrings⁠⁠Rock salt lamp
 ⁠⁠Rainbow Locket⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠⁠Ruby Headdress
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Large Picture Frame⁠⁠Tart
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Sheriff Carpet 
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Sofa 
Mort Around the World in However Many DaysAlfalfa Salad
 ⁠⁠Basic Awning⁠⁠Antidote
 ⁠⁠Comfortable Chair⁠⁠Bassia Potion
 ⁠⁠Cooking Master⁠⁠Crafted Pencilholder
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sun Umbrella⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Explorer Hat⁠⁠Eyedrop
 ⁠⁠Fang Special X⁠⁠Fang Special
 ⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Hemp Carpet⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup⁠⁠Heatstroke Medicine
 ⁠⁠Journey to the East⁠⁠Hemostat
 ⁠⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
 ⁠⁠Leisurely Rattan Tea Table⁠⁠Lavender Extract
 ⁠⁠Mad Doctor Potion⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Pioneer⁠⁠Meat Stuffed Mushroom
 ⁠⁠Rustic Lounging Chair⁠⁠Omelet
 ⁠⁠Sand-proof Scarf⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Silk Scarf⁠⁠Orchid Extract
 ⁠⁠Strong Medicine⁠⁠Painkillers
 ⁠⁠Tea Leaves⁠⁠Pomato Seeds
 ⁠⁠Thunderweed Extract⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Totem Shawl⁠⁠Sandberry Egg Soup
 ⁠⁠Windproof Headphones⁠⁠Steamed Sandfish
 ⁠⁠Wooden Bookcase⁠⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠⁠Water
  ⁠⁠Watercolor Paints
RianIron PickhammerRustic Wardrobe
 Iron AxeElegant Square Table
 Meowses II StatueElegant Bench
 Ozdak Dancing StatueSimple Bookcase
 Ozdak Sun Worshipping StatueYakboy Small Square Stool
 Ozdak Step Dancing StatueYakboy Small Round Stool
 Ozdak Rooster Pose StatueGold
 Rustic Tea TableDiamond
 Elegant SwingOpal
 Premium Wood DeskRosestone
 Yakboy BookshelfFlourite
  Sand Tea Beef
  Scarab with Secret Sauce
  Fried Meat with Chili
  Tomato Beef Brisket
  Red Fireworks
  Yellow Fireworks
  Blue Fireworks
  Green Fireworks
  Purple Fireworks
  Yakemel Doll
Rocky Aluminum Ingot⁠⁠Artificial Leather
 ⁠⁠Bloodstone Saws⁠⁠Beef Noodles
 ⁠⁠Chromium Steel Bar⁠⁠Chestnut Pork
 ⁠⁠Compact Motor⁠⁠Chromium Ore
 ⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone⁠⁠Cute Duck Toy
 ⁠⁠Condenser⁠⁠Facial Cream
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠⁠Fine Sandfish with Secret Sauce
 ⁠⁠Ebony Board⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sofa⁠⁠Funny Mask
 ⁠⁠Iron Axe⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Iron Pickhammer⁠⁠Iron Elbow Pads
 ⁠⁠Iron Plate⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads
 ⁠⁠Magnesium aluminum alloy⁠⁠Large Storage Box
 ⁠⁠Magnesium Ore⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Manganese Steel Bar⁠⁠Leather Belt
 ⁠⁠Manganese Steel Plate⁠⁠Leather Gloves
 ⁠⁠Marble Slab⁠⁠Leather Tablecloth
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Boots⁠⁠Manganese Ore
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Hat⁠⁠Nickel Ore
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠⁠Opal
 ⁠⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠⁠Rib Gumbo
 ⁠⁠Rustic Sofa⁠Robot Glasses
 ⁠⁠Rustic Tea Table⁠Rooster Crest Headdress
 ⁠⁠Titanium magnesium alloy⁠⁠Rosestone
 ⁠⁠Titanium Ore⁠⁠Sandfish with Secret Sauce
 ⁠⁠Vanadium aluminum titanium alloy⁠⁠Skin Cream
 ⁠⁠Vanadium Ore⁠Windproof Headphones
 ⁠⁠Working Desk⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant
 ⁠⁠Yakboy Double Bed 
Yan Armor DisplayBeast Head Jade Chalice
 ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠⁠Beef Noodles
 ⁠⁠Cast Iron Furnace Core⁠⁠Bronze Pickhammer
 ⁠⁠Compact Motor⁠⁠Chestnut Fish-heads
 ⁠⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue⁠⁠Chromium Ore
 ⁠⁠Condensed Power Stone⁠⁠Chromium Steel Bar
 ⁠⁠Condenser⁠⁠Cowprint Sofa
 ⁠⁠Diamond⁠Desk Clock
 ⁠⁠Elegant Pavilion⁠Ebony Board
 ⁠⁠Elegant Sofa⁠⁠Eel Jerky
 ⁠⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠⁠Engine
 ⁠⁠Iron Axe⁠⁠Fang Special
 ⁠⁠Iron Pickhammer⁠⁠Fang Special X
 ⁠⁠Jewelry Showcase⁠⁠Floating Galaxy
 ⁠⁠Magnesium Ore⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Manganese Steel Plate⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Meowses II Statue⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill
 ⁠⁠Painting: Desert⁠⁠Golden Bull Head
 ⁠⁠Romantic Pavilion⁠⁠Golden Candlestick
 ⁠⁠Rusty Robot⁠⁠Iron Knee Pads
 ⁠⁠Sand Eagle Statue⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup
 ⁠⁠Spring Brake Caliper⁠⁠Iron Plate
 ⁠⁠Steel Frame⁠⁠Jeweled Egg
 ⁠⁠Stegosaurus Skeleton Model⁠⁠Lavender Gem
 ⁠⁠Titanium Ore⁠⁠Leather Belt
 ⁠⁠Transmission Shaft⁠⁠Leather Gloves
 ⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband⁠Magnesium aluminum alloy
 ⁠Vanadium aluminum titanium alloy⁠⁠Manganese Ore
 ⁠⁠Vanadium Ore⁠⁠Manganese Steel Bar
 ⁠⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠⁠Marble Slab
 ⁠⁠Working Desk⁠⁠Microchip
  ⁠⁠Nickel Ore
  ⁠⁠Office Chair
  ⁠⁠Potted Cactus
  ⁠⁠Power Stones
  ⁠⁠Simple Circuit
  ⁠⁠Steak Surprise
  ⁠⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche
  ⁠⁠Strong Medicine
  ⁠⁠Techno Table
  ⁠⁠Thunderweed Extract
  ⁠⁠Titanium magnesium alloy
  ⁠⁠Golden Bull Head
Zeke Advanced Energy Grass SeedBiocrust
 ⁠⁠Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant⁠⁠Chestnut
 ⁠⁠Cantaloupe⁠⁠Chestnut Seed
 ⁠⁠Coffee Beans⁠⁠Chili
 ⁠⁠Colorful gem tree seeds⁠⁠Chilly Sandrice Noodles
 ⁠⁠Concentrated Algae Apparatus⁠⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds
 Crystal tree seed⁠⁠Cold Cactus
 ⁠⁠Dew Collector⁠⁠Copper Pot
 ⁠⁠Explorer Hat⁠⁠Copper Spatula
 ⁠⁠Golden tree seed⁠⁠Curry Powder
 ⁠Grapevines⁠⁠Desert Mushroom Strains
 ⁠⁠Heatstroke Medicine⁠⁠Diamond
 ⁠⁠Large Storage Box⁠⁠Fang Special X
 ⁠⁠Pencil Cactus Seed⁠⁠Fertilizer
 ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠⁠Five Spice Powder
 ⁠⁠Sand-proof Scarf⁠⁠Fluorite
 ⁠⁠Sandgear⁠⁠Frying Pan
 ⁠⁠Skin Cream⁠⁠Gold
 ⁠⁠Sun Shawl⁠⁠Golden Bell Pill
 ⁠⁠Titanium banana seed⁠⁠Grilled Bell Peppers
 ⁠⁠Windproof Headphones⁠⁠Growing Guide
  ⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup
  ⁠⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
  ⁠⁠Lavender Gem
  ⁠⁠Mountain Rose
  ⁠⁠Rhino Horn Seeds
  ⁠⁠Sand Jujube Cake
  ⁠⁠Sand Leek
  ⁠⁠Sand Leek Seed
  ⁠⁠Sand Lizard
  ⁠⁠Shiny Scorpion
  ⁠⁠Small crawler box
  ⁠⁠Soup Pot
  ⁠⁠Soy Sauce
  ⁠⁠Spice Rack
  ⁠⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds
  ⁠⁠Tea Leaves
  ⁠⁠Thunderweed Extract
  ⁠⁠Tomato with Sugar
  ⁠⁠Watering Can

We have covered everything about all the favorites and likes of the characters in My Time At Sandrock. If you are interested in this game, make sure to also read about how you can get Bearings and how Multiplayer and Co-Op Work, right here on Gamer Tweak