My Perfect Hotel Beginner’s Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Need some help in growing and expanding your hotel? Check out our My Perfect Hotel Beginner’s Guide to find out the best tips and tricks to level up in the game.

My Perfect Hotel is a free idle-clicker simulator game that allows you to run and build a hotel empire from the start. As your customers keep on plunging, there’s no time to rest or take a break. While you start as a receptionist, you can hire more employees to manage and automate the hotel entirely. But that said, these perks only apply when you have leveled up enough in this game.

Don’t worry, check out our My Perfect Hotel Beginner’s guide to level up faster in the game. In our guide, we have mentioned the best tips and tricks to level up faster in this hotel-themed idle-clicker simulator game. So, here’s everything you need to know.

My Perfect Hotel Beginner’s Guide

My Perfect Hotel Beginners Guide tips and tricks
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Here are the best tips and tricks for beginners that can help you level up fast in the game:

Keep Upgrading and Collecting Money

You need to keep upgrading your hotel by unlocking more rooms and upgrading essential services. The majority of your earned money will be invested in the upgrades early in the game. This will reward you with stars that are much needed to level up in the game. As a result, progressing to the next level will also reward you with plenty of rewards to develop your hotel. So, collect the money from your customers and keep on upgrading fast.

Watch the Ads for Rewards & Cash

If you don’t have an Ad-free version of this mobile game, we know ads can be pretty annoying. However, watching the ads in-game can reward you with plenty of Cash and more freebies. While you don’t need to watch it every day, it can help earn money and build in the early game. In addition, you can also get room upgrades or boosts for watching these ads.

So, we recommend watching the Ads to gain several free rewards. But since not every player prefers the freebies over Ads, we leave this choice to you.

Keep on Expanding your Hotel

As you level up in the game, you unlock different expansion areas of your hotel. While playing the idle clicker and leveling up, keep an eye on these areas to earn money. You can also upgrade these areas to get even more earnings from there. The more areas you unlock in the hotel, the more rooms your customers can use. So, keep on leveling up and expanding your hotel.

Don’t Miss out Any Tips

Starting early in the My Perfect Hotel, ensure to pick and collect all the tips left by customers. You can find these tips lying on the floor once they have left the room. Your customers can leave the tips outside their used rooms, restrooms, or near reception.

If you have some lying on the floor before you level up, it can possibly disappear. As you can use it for room upgrades and more, don’t miss out on any of the extra cash.

Switch to Automated Staff

My Perfect Hotel Beginners Guide tips and tricks
Image Source – SayGames Ltd

Rather than working on all the job roles at once, you can also hire employees for your hotel. You can do so once you unlock the Automation staff at a certain level. Once you unlock them, you simply need to manage the employees instead of the hotel. From handing over the keys to the customers to cleaning up the rooms, the automated staff can manage all your work. On top of that, you can also speed up their movements with various upgrades.

Hopefully, the above tips and tricks can help you build a Hotel Tycoon sooner.

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