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How To Get My Little Chocobo In FFXIV

Learn how to Get your first Chocobo in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy XIV welcomes the events of the recovering land of Eorzea, five years after the escape of Bahamut. You need to run around a lot in this game for quests, missions, and for explorations so having a good mount just makes sense. In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete “My Little Chocobo” in FFXIV and also how to name & summon it easily.

How to Complete My Little Chocobo in FFXIV?


my little chocobo

To unlock your first Chocobo, you will need to complete the “My Little Chocobo” mission. You can unlock it after you’ve completed a series of short quests, mentioned below:

  • Reach Level 20 (It’s pretty easy, no gargantuan tasks required)
  • Join a Grand Company (You have 3 options, the choices don’t carry much significance to character options)
  • Complete “Company You Keep” and “For Coin and Country”
  • Your Grand Company Officer will acknowledge your quest completion and unlock delivery missions
  • Head to your Grand Company’s commander and accept the “My Little Chocobo” quest
  • Claim your 300 Grand Company seals from Minfillia.
  •  Interact with your flame quartermaster.
  • From the options he provides, click on the “Materials”.
  • Select “Chocobo Issuance” and exchange your 200 seals.
  • Head to Mimigun at the Chocobokeep.
  • Hand over the issuance.
  • You’ll be handed a Chocobo and whistle.
  • Name your Chocobo.
  • Furthermore, you can now also summon it using the whistle.


Chocobo will not only shorten your travel time but also provide a companion to assist you. In addition to mounts, in further quests like “My Feisty little Chocobo” and at levels 30 and beyond – they will be able to fight, heal and play other important roles.

There! Now you know how to complete “My Little Chocobo” in Final Fantasy XIV! If you liked this guide and it helped you, check out the best servers to join in FFXIV.