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Final Fantasy XIV: Best Servers To Join

Here are all the best servers in each regional data center to join in FFXIV.

It might seem hard to figure out the best servers to join in Final Fantasy XIV. But don’t worry we have looked at the best options from each region you can select right away to have the best experience the game has to offer. So if you are looking for the best data center then here’s our guide on the best-preferred FF14 or FFXIV servers to join.

Best Preferred FFXIV Servers to Join?


Best Preferred FFXIV Servers to Join

One of the best FFXIV servers preferred to join is Faerie in Aether Data Center in North America. But both Primal and Crystal servers are also really good to join for an amazing Final Fantasy 14 experience. If you are from other regions here’s our list of the best Final Fantasy XIV servers in each data center:

FFXIV Server Data Center Region
Balmung Crystal North America
Faerie Aether North America
Levithan Primal North America
Ifrit Gaia Japan
Ixion Mana Japan
Tonberry Elemental Japan
Cerberus Chaos Europe
Phoenix Light Europe


Best FF14 servers

Final Fantasy XIV’s Faerie server in North American data center Aether is really good if you are new to the game. This is the best server has the best chat support from open-minded players who share everything from tips to a full beginner’s guide if you ask anyone nicely. Then once you are ready to take on more challenges, then you should check out Balmung in Crystal NA data center. It is a bit hard to get a spot on this server like all other servers in NA, but if you do then you can meet one of the best players the community has to offer. Levithan in Primal NA data center is also really good if you really looking to step up your game with the best players in the region.

Phoenix in the European Light data center is a really good place to be if you are from the near region. So go for it to have good raids, challenges, and more. But if you are looking for a slow-phased game then you should opt for the Cerberus server in the European Chaos data center. Ifrit is the hands-down best server if you are well versed in Japanese, but for everyone else speaking English, thankfully we have the Tonberry server in the Japanese region. If Final Fantasy is all you think about, then Ixion has the most passionate players. You can attend regular events conducted by Ixion players for all the fans.


That’s all about the best FFXIV Servers to join right away. If you are looking for more FF 14 secrets, then check out our Final Fantasy XIV Guides like Where To Get Frontier Cloth and How To Get Polar Bear Mount.