My Hero Ultra Rumble Tier List (2023) – Best Characters

Not sure which character you should use in the My Hero Ultra Rumble battle royale? Then, check out our characters tier list to pick the best ones.

If you’re dicey about which characters you should pick in My Hero Ultra Rumble, then here’s a tier list for you. As you’ll be facing a number of players in the battle royale mode, it’s advised to only pick the best character to play with. For those who are unaware, in one match there will be 24 players divided into 8 teams. So forming up a good team is also required to dominate the arena and be the last team standing. And to help you with that below we have ranked all the characters from best to worst, to help you make the right decision. So without waiting any further, let’s take a look at the best character to use in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Characters Tier List (Best to Worst)

who is the best character in My Hero Ultra Rumble tier list

Here’s the My Hero Ultra Rumble characters tier list you’re looking for. Before you move further do note that the rankings below are purely subjective. With that being said, let’s get started with the characters you should pick.

S Tier – Best Characters

In this tier, you’ll find all the Over Powered characters that you can use without thinking twice.

  • Tenya IdaIngenium
  • Ochaco UrarakaUravity
  • Himiko Toga
  • Toshinori YagiAll Might

A Tier

Here are the characters that are also Good to use in the battle royale.

  • Mr. CompressAtsuhiro Sako
  • Tsuyu AsuiFroppy
  • Izuku MidoriyaDeku
  • Shoto TodorokiShoto
  • Toya TodorokiDabi
  • Tomura ShigarakiTenko Shimura

B Tier

Characters falling in the B tier list are Average to play with, which you can use in the early stages of My Hero Ultra Rumble.

  • Katsuki BakugoKacchan
  • Denki KaminariChargebolt

C Tier

In C tier the characters are not that good and can be avoided.

  • Mt. LadyYu Takeyama
  • CementossKen Ishiyama

D Tier

Here are all the characters that are not recommended to be used at any stage of the game.

  • Itsuka Kendo Battle Fist

As you can see, according to us Tenya Ida, Ochaco Uraraka, Himiko Toga & Toshinori Yagi are the best characters you should go with. If you haven’t unlocked these characters yet, then it’s advised to move to the A or B tier. Do note that, as the game is in Beta test, the rankings might differ after the game is officially released. So for your convenience, we will keep updating this article if new info comes to light.

That sums up all about the My Hero Ultra Rumble tier list and the best characters to use. If you agreed with our rankings then don’t forget to check out our Tier List section. And for more such tips & tricks take a look at our other Video game guides.