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My Hero Ultra Impact Codes Available?

Find out more about My Hero Ultra Impact (MHUI) Codes.

Fans of My Hero Academia, rejoice because My Hero Ultra Impact has finally released. Create a team of your favorite heroes, use Quirks and fight the villains! While you are at it, you might wonder if there’s any My Hero Ultra Impact MHUI Code that you can redeem to get in-game rewards like Hero Gems, Coins, and Tickets. This guide will answer your question.

Is there a My Hero Ultra Impact (MHUI) Code to Redeem Gifts?


Unfortunately, there is no way to redeem gift codes in My Hero Ultra Impact at the time of writing. We have looked through the game menus and the in-game settings but there is no code redemption option available right now. Will it be added in the future? Maybe, we can’t say for sure. But if a codes system is eventually implemented in this game, we will update this article immediately.

how to redeem rewards mhui

How to Get Rewards in My Hero Ultra Impact?


Even if there are no codes to redeem, it doesn’t mean you can’t get free rewards! If you would like to get free Hero Gems, you need to keep an eye on the official Facebook page of MHUI. They regularly update fans about new ways to earn rewards such as Hero Gems by logging in (even a 7-day Login bonus), getting freebies from main quests, level up quests etc. Plus, new events keep coming up so you can participate and win cool stuff.

That’s not all – the developers also give rewards to players if their FB post reaches 2000 likes and shares. You may get 100,000 coins, 10 Character Lv Up Bars (Large),10 Memory Lv Up Tonics (Large) so if this is what you’d love to get, follow them on Facebook to stay updated.

With that out of the way, here’s our My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List and Reroll guide of the best and worst characters in MHUI.