How To Mute Guns In High On Life (Shut Kenny Up)

Here's how you can mute the annoying Kenny the Gun in High on Life.

High on Life is a game with an interesting concept of an alien invasion. Wherein the G3 Alien Cartel has invaded the Earth and it is your responsibility to save the Planet from being doomed. Fighting Aliens with bare hands is any day a bad idea. Hence, you will obtain a gun known as Kenny in the beginning. While normal games start with tutorials, things go a bit differently in this game. Kenny is your ultimate guide to progression in the early stages of this game. However, at certain times, you may feel a bit irritated by the never-ending talks of this gun. Thankfully, it is possible to mute the gun in High on Life and give relief to the ears. Wondering how? Check out this guide that features the steps to mute Kenny.

How to Mute Kenny the Gun in High on Life

How To Mute Gun In High On Life

As mentioned above, Kenny is the only one who guides you to learn the basics. Further, Kenny is not the only talking weapon you are going to unlock in this game as there are many more guns. It all becomes annoying after a point when you are deeply invested in the game. And so, here’s you can mute the gun in High on Life.

  • While in-game, open the Settings option.
  • From there, click on the Audio tab and navigate to Gun Chatter.
  • You can now mute Kenny the gun by selecting None.
  • Moreover, if you want to lessen the frequency of his remarks, then simply select Occasional option.
  • Although, you can turn Kenny back to normal by selecting Frequent in the Gun Chatter option.

Also, you can mute the annoying enemy dialogues by doing the same in the Enemy Chatter option just above the Gun Chatter.

That’s everything covered on how to mute Kenny the gun in High on Life. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Gaming guides on Gamer Tweak.