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All Weapons And Guns In High On Life

Here is a list of all weapons and guns in High on Life.

High on Life has introduced an arsenal of weapons that was probably never seen before in the gaming circle. With that I mean, guns that can talk. Yes, you heard it right, from a talking knife to a loud and vocal shotgun, the list goes on and on. These weapons are called Gatlians, they are basically alien weapons that you can own as you keep progressing in the game. Without further ado, let us take you through all the weapons and guns in High on Life.


Every Weapon and Gun in High on Life

Kenny Gun in High on Life


Kenny is the first gun that you’ll be introduced to pretty early in High on Life. Its voice actor is none other than Rick and Morty’s cocreatorJustin Roiland. Kenny is basically a traditional pistol. His alternate fire – Glob Shot – can blast your enemies into the air.


As you might have already wondered from the name itself, Knifey is the only melee weapon that you will get in High on Life. The talkative knife thrives in closecombat situations. That’s not all, Knifey can also help in opening Lugox chests and other puzzles. And also, Knifey is the only one in this list who gets a strange satisfaction in slicing through enemies. So , you have been warned!

Gus in High on Life



Gus is probably the friendliest weapon among this list. At times, you will find yourselves immersed in his cordial talks only to realise that you’re actually wielding a shotgun! Yes, Gus shoots out multiple projectiles from his tentacles that are guaranteed to inflict some serious damage to your opponents.


The fourth weapon in our list of guns in High on Life, Sweezy is identical to the Needler in the Halo series. She can fire off projectiles which expand before exploding and decimating your enemies.


Creature in High on Life


The final weapon, Creature, is the perfect crowdcontrol gun. It is also one of the most strange guns because its secondary fire sends multiple little blue monsters to jump onto enemies. They in turn rip apart your foes with their sharp teeth. Pretty bizare, isn’t it? We thought so too!


That covers all the weapons and guns in High on Life. If you liked this guide, do check out our guide on how to open Lugox chests in High on Life.