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Remnant 2: How To Solve Water Harp Music Puzzle On Yaesha

Here is how to find and complete the Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2.

To face Yaesha’s World boss, you will need to solve the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2. And it is not an easy puzzle by any means. The Water Harp is a music box that is not in sync with any rhythm or melody. Your job is to align the pegs on the music box to match the music being played nearby. Completing this puzzle is important as it helps you confront the World Boss on the other side of the bridge. If you want to know how to solve the Forbidden Grove music box puzzle, then check our guide below.

Where to Find the Yaesha Music Box in Remnant 2

music box yaesha location

You can find the Music box in Remnant 2 near the Forbidden Grove’s center in the Realm of Yaesha. Once you reach here, you will notice that the music box is not working. You will then have to head to the other side of the checkpoint room and climb a small set of stairs to find a lever. After pulling the lever, the Water Harp Music Puzzle music box in Remnant 2 will start working again. However, you still need to solve the Forbidden Grove music box puzzle to create a bridge and confront the World Boss on the other side.

How to Solve the Yaesha Music Box Puzzle in Remnant 2

The Yaesha Music Box puzzle in Remnant 2 can be solved by arranging the pegs in the correct position. You will need to match the notes of a song played by the Flautist nearby. We’d recommend that you don’t explore the notes by yourself as it’s time-consuming.

The best way to solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle in Remnant 2 is by going inside the checkpoint room and picking up a diary. The book will contain symbols that can help you match the notes on the music box. If there are lines next to any notes, this means that you will have to skip that line and pull the peg on the next note. We have added an image of the book below and the notes you need to play to solve the Forbidden Grove music box puzzle.
water harp puzzle book solution

  • 1st note: 5th symbol
  • 2nd note: No note
  • 3rd note: 4th symbol
  • 4th note: No note
  • 5th note: 3rd symbol
  • 6th note: 4th symbol
  • 7th note: 1st symbol
  • 8th note: No note

Once you have arranged all the pegs, pull the lever on the left side of the music box to make a bridge appear. You can then cross this bridge and meet the Yaesha World boss – Corrupted Ravager.

That’s all you need to know on how to solve the Yaesha Music Box puzzle in Remnant 2. We hope that you were able to complete this puzzle. For more guides like this, head to our Remnant 2 section.