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How To Make Mushroom Stew In Minecraft

Here's a simple guide on how to make Mushroom Stew in Minecraft.

Mushroom Stew in Minecraft is a food item and it is very easy to make. In this game, you can do tons of activities like fishing, mining, crafting, and much more. However, you have to keep an eye on your hunger bar. As you go through your day of hard work, the hunger bar will keep depleting. To restore hunger points and hunger saturation points, you can consume a wide range of edibles in this game.

How to Make Mushroom Stew in Minecraft

Make Mushroom Stew in Crafting Menu

There are a plethora of ingredients in this game that you can collect. For this recipe, you will need two ingredients.

  • Red Mushroom
  • Brown Mushroom

You can get them in Mushroom Biomes, Dark Oak Forests, Swamps, Underground, and the Nether. Then, you can farm them in low-light areas to get more. You will also need a Bowl, and you can craft it using three wooden planks. These planks can be made of any kind of wood available to you like Oak, Spruce, Birch, and more.

To make Mushroom Stew, open your crafting menu, place the Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, and Bowl in the crafting grid, and your dish will be ready. Another way to get this stew is by milking the Mooshroom cow with an empty bowl. These cow variants are extremely rare and are exclusive to the Mushroom Biome.

After crafting it, you can move it to your Hotbar. To consume this stew, select it in the Hotbar, and press and hold the use button. It restores 6 Hunger Points and 7.2 Hunger Saturation Points, making it an excellent source of sustenance. After consuming the stew, the bowl will return to your inventory and you can reuse it to make more.

That’s everything from us on how to make Mushroom Stew in Minecraft. For more helpful guides like How to Keep Water from Freezing or How to Get Seagrass, visit our Minecraft section soon.