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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Does It Support Local Or Online Multiplayer?

Wondering if you can play Pokemon Legends Arceus with your friends? Check out this guide to learn about multiplayer support.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a completely new type of Pokemon game and the fans are wondering if it supports multiplayer. This is a very good concern as the huge open world opens a lot of possibilities to play with friends. So in this guide let us check if there is any support for local or online multiplayer mode for Pokemon Legends Arceus and if you can play couch co-op with friends.

Multiplayer Modes for Pokemon Legends Arceus

can you play multiplayer on pokemon legends arceus

There is very little support for Multiplayer in Pokemon Legends Arceus. At the time of writing this article, the game only supports trading as its multiplayer feature. This feature too is limited to 2 players as of now. You can see this on the official Nintendo website where it says “Players: up to 2 players”. The site also mentions that this game supports online play. This is the closest accurate information on Multiplayer you can get from the official website.

There also seems to be no support for a Local or couch co-op gameplay. And, if you are wondering about features like battles or raid battles, then those too aren’t available in the game. And as we already know there is only multiplayer support of 2 players, we can assume that even if the game adds any multiplayer features in the future, there will not be much that you could do in it together.

So to sum up the complete information on the Multiplayer Support. You can trade with other players. There is no support for any local or online modes to play together.

That covers this guide on everything you need to know about local, online, and couch co-op multiplayer support for Pokemon Legends Arceus. Since you are playing this game don’t miss our other guides on how to evolve Scyther to Kleavor or Scizor and how to get all the starter Pokemon. And you should also find our guide useful on the new Pokemon & Hisui Pokedex of Pokemon Legends Arceus.