Pokemon Legends Arceus: Hisui Pokedex & New Pokemon

Karan Pahuja
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Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to release on January 28th, 2022. And with the exciting trailers and some teased pokemon, fans want to know more about the Hisui region and the new Pokedex. The game is set in the Hisui region where you can find the Hisuian forms of some of your favorite Pokemon. So in this guide let us take a look at the new Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus and the Hisui Pokedex.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisui Pokedex and New Pokemon

pokemon legends arceus new pokedex

These are all the so far known Pokemon that will be in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This list is based on the lists provided on the Legends Arceus website and Serebii.net, there may be fewer or more Pokemon once the game is out.

Pokemon Type Region
Kleavor Bug/Rock Hisui
Zorua Normal/Ghost Hisui
Zoroark Normal/Ghost Hisui
Voltorb Electric/Grass Hisui
Growlithe Fire/Rock Hisui
Braviary Psychic/Flying Hisui
Wyrdeer Normal/Psychic Hisui
Basculegion Water/Ghost Hisui
Rufflet Normal/Flying Unova
Basculin Water Unova
Oshawott Water Unova
Dewott Water Unova
Samurott Water Unova
Rowlet Grass/Flying Alola
Dartrix Grass/Flying Alola
Decidueye Grass/Flying Alola
Cyndaquil Fire Johto
Quilava Fire Johto
Typhlosion Fire Johto
Stantler Normal Johto
Scyther Bug/Flying Kanto
Pikachu Electric Kanto
Raichu Electric Kanto
Clefairy Fairy Kanto
Clefable Fairy Kanto
Vulpix Fire Kanto
Ninetales Fire Kanto
Zubat Poison/Flying Kanto
Golbat Poison/Flying Kanto
Psyduck Water Kanto
Golduck Water Kanto
Abra Psychic Kanto
Kadabra Psychic Kanto
Alakazam Psychic Kanto
Machop Fighting Kanto
Machoke Fighting Kanto
Machamp Fighting Kanto
Tentacool Water/Poison Kanto
Tentacruel Water/Poison Kanto
Geodude Rock/Ground Kanto
Graveler Rock/Ground Kanto
Golem Rock/Ground Kanto
Ponyta Fire Kanto
Rapidash Fire Kanto
Magnemite Electric/Steel Kanto
Magneton Electric/Steel Kanto
Onix Rock/Ground Kanto
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock Kanto
Rhydon Ground/Rock Kanto
Chansey Normal Kanto
Tangela Grass Kanto
Mr. Mime Psychic Kanto
Electabuzz Electric Kanto
Magmar Fire Kanto
Magikarp Water Kanto
Gyarados Water/Flying Kanto
Eevee Normal Kanto
Vaporeon Water Kanto
Jolteon Electric Kanto
Flareon Fire Kanto
Snorlax Normal Kanto
Crobat Posion/Flyinh Johto
Pichu Electric Johto
Sudowoodo Rock Johto
Aipom Normal Johto
Yanma Bug Johto
Espeon Psychic Johto
Umbreon Dark Johto
Murkrow Dark/Flying Johto
Misdreavus Ghost Johto
Gligar Ground/Flying Johto
Steelix Steel/Ground Johto
Heracross Bug/Fighting Johto
Teddiursa Normal Johto
Ursaring Normal Johto
Swinub Ice/Ground Johto
Piloswine Ice/Ground Johto
Remoraid Water Johto
Octillery Water Johto
Mantine Water/Flying Johto
Blissey Normal Johto
Wurmple Bug Hoenn
Silcoon Bug Hoenn
Beautifly Bug/Flying Hoenn
Cascoon Bug Hoenn
Dustox Bug/Posion Hoenn
Ralts Psychic/Fairy Hoenn
Kirlia Psychic/Fairy Hoenn
Gardevoir Psychic/Fairy Hoenn
Nosepass Rock Hoenn
Roselia Grass/Posion Hoenn
Chimecho Psychic Hoenn
Snorunt Ice Hoenn
Glalie Ice Hoenn
Spheal Ice/Water Hoenn
Sealeo Ice/Water Hoenn
Walrein Ice/Water Hoenn
Turtwig Grass Sinnoh
Grotle Grass Sinnoh
Torterra Grass/Ground Sinnoh
Chimchar Fire Sinnoh
Monferno Fire Sinnoh
Infernape Fire/Fighting Sinnoh
Piplup Water Sinnoh
Prinplup Water Sinnoh
Empoleon Water/Steel Sinnoh
Starly Normal/Flying Sinnoh
Staravia Normal/Flying Sinnoh
Staraptor Normal/Flying Sinnoh
Bidoof Normal Sinnoh
Bibarel Normal/Water Sinnoh
Kricketot Bug Sinnoh
Kricketune Bug Sinnoh
Shinx Electric Sinnoh
Luxio Electric Sinnoh
Luxray Electric Sinnoh
Budew Grass/Poison Sinnoh
Roserade Grass/Poison Sinnoh
Burmy Bug Sinnoh
Wormadam Bug/Grass Sinnoh
Mothim Bug/Flying Sinnoh
Combee Bug/Flying Sinnoh
Vespiquen Bug/Flying Sinnoh
Pachirisu Electric Sinnoh
Buizel Water Sinnoh
Floatzel Water Sinnoh
Shellos Water Sinnoh
Gastrodon Water/Ground Sinnoh
Ambipom Normal Sinnoh
Drifloon Ghost/Flying Sinnoh
Drifblim Ghost/Flying Sinnoh
Buneary Normal Sinnoh
Lopunny Normal Sinnoh
Mismagius Ghost Sinnoh
Honchkrow Dark/Flying Sinnoh
Glameow Normal Sinnoh
Purugly Normal Sinnoh
Chingling Psychic Sinnoh
Stunky Poison/Dark Sinnoh
Skuntank Poison/Dark Sinnoh
Bronzor Steel/Psychic Sinnoh
Bronzong Steel/Psychic Sinnoh
Bonsly Rock Sinnoh
Happiny Normal Sinnoh
Chatot Normal/Flying Sinnoh
Gible Dragon/Ground Sinnoh
Gabite Dragon/Ground Sinnoh
Garchomp Dragon/Ground Sinnoh
Munchlax Normal Sinnoh
Riolu Fighting Sinnoh
Lucario Fighting/Steel Sinnoh
Hippopotas Ground Sinnoh
Hippowdon Ground Sinnoh
Skorupi Poison/Bug Sinnoh
Drapion Poison/Dark Sinnoh
Croagunk Poison/Fighting Sinnoh
Toxicroak Poison/Fighting Sinnoh
Carnivine Grass Sinnoh
Finneon Water Sinnoh
Lumineon Water Sinnoh
Mantyke Water/Flying Sinnoh
Snover Grass/Ice Sinnoh
Abomasnow Grass/Ice Sinnoh
Magnezone Electric/Steel Sinnoh
Rhyperior Ground/Rock Sinnoh
Tangrowth Grass Sinnoh
Electivire Electric Sinnoh
Magmortar Fire Sinnoh
Yanmega Bug/Flying Sinnoh
Leafeon Grass Sinnoh
Glaceon Ice Sinnoh
Gliscor Ground/Flying Sinnoh
Mamoswine Ice/Ground Sinnoh
Gallade Psychic/Fighting Sinnoh
Probopass Rock/Steel Sinnoh
Froslass Ice/Ghost Sinnoh
Arceus Normal Sinnoh
Shaymin Grass Sinnoh
Darkrai Dark Sinnoh

That covers this guide on the new Pokemon in Legends Arceus & Pokedex of Hisui Region. While you wait for Legends Arceus to release check out our Pokemon BDSP guides.