Where To Find And Catch Mudkip In Pokemon SV Indigo DLC (Location Guide)

Check out this guide to know Mudkip’s location in Pokemon Indigo Disk.

Indigo Disk reintroduces many starter Pokemon from the previous generation back into the mix of the Blueberry Academy. And one of the fan favorites that many adore and who might just be the best starter Pokemon of all, according to many, Mudkip also returns back in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Players are eager to catch the water-type Pokemon inside the terrarium and add it to their roaster.

However, you might want to keep in mind a few things before you head out to catch the Gen 3 Pokemon. The very first is Mudkip’s location in Indigo Disk and how exactly can you catch it. So if you are on the journey of catching all the starter Pokemon and making your way through the Elite Four, then here is a guide you should check out further

Where to Find Pokemon SV Indigo Disk Mudkip

Upgrade Coastal Biome In Pokemon SV Indigo Disk
Image Source: 100% Guides on YouTube

Players will come across Mudkip in the Coastal Biome in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk. However, you will need to upgrade the Coastal Biome by completing the Boost Biodiversity request from the Support Board. The upgrade will increase the biodiversity in the biome inside the terrarium.

It is worth mentioning that each biome upgrade will cost you around 3000 BP in the game. We would suggest that you complete quests, face trainers, etc to earn those BP first.

Where To Find Mudkip In Pokemon SV Indigo Disk
Image Source: 100% Guides on YouTube

After completing the Coastal Biome request and upgrading the biodiversity, you will come across the ground Pokemon more often. Mudkip will spawn near the Coastal Outdoor Classroom fly point in Pokemon Indigo Disk. Along with it, you can also look for the Gen 3 Pokemon inside the Torchlit Labyrinth in the game. Since it is considered quite rare in the game, you will need some luck to come across it.

We would recommend that you roam across the shores of the Coastal Biome to find and catch Mudkip in the game. Along with it, you can also upgrade the Item Printer to get your hands on different Pokeballs to capture the ground-type Pokemon more effectively.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Scarlet & Violet section, right here on Gamer Tweak.