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All Powerups, Buffs And Abilities In Muck

Check out all of the powerups in Muck with this guide.

If you are looking for a guide on Muck Powerups, check out this article. We will discuss what powerups are and everything you need to do know about them.

Muck Powerups Guide


Keep reading to learn all you need to know about powerups in Muck. Depending on the types of buffs they grant, powerups are divided into four different types. These are Attack, Health, Movement, and Miscellaneous powerups.

Muck Attack Powerups List

These powerups will grant you buffs to attack, critical chance, and strength among others. Check out the list to find the food items that you can use in Muck along with their stat boosts.

Danis Milk Stronger Bones
Orange Juice Increased Attack Speed
Berserk Increased damage with lower health
Bulldozer Opportunity to knock back opponents
Adrenaline Gives you a Damage Boost when your health drops below 30%
Checkered Shirt Increases damage to resources
Wings of Glory Provides bonus damage when you fall
Horshoe Enhances critical chance
Dumbbeli Enhances Base Strength
Crimson Knife Lifesteal
Sniper Scope Tiny chance to deal chunky damage

Health Powerups

Health powerups will give you several health buffs, including increased health and increased regeneration. Check out the food items that will give you these buffs below.

Blue Pill Enhanced Shield
Brocolli Regenerates your health
Dracule Upon completing a kill, it permanently increases Max HP
Red Pill Enhances Maximum HP

Movement Powerups

As the name suggests, food items with this powerup will give you movement buffs that include an increase in jump height and increased speed.

Jetpack Increases your jump height
Sneakers Increases your movement speed
Janniks Frog Provides +1 Jump

Other Powerups

The powerups in this list do not really fit into any particular category. They provide buffs like Better loot and Stamina. Check out the food items that will grant you these buffs.

Piggy bank Gives you a better chest loot
Peanut Butter Increases your stamina

This brings us to the end of this Muck powerups guide. You can use this guide to choose the best powerups depending on your needs.

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