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What Is The Best Weapon In Muck?

In this guide, we will walk you through the top weapons in Muck and help you select the best one.

The genre of survival and roguelike gameplay have enticed audiences for generations. Muck – The game has basically combined both genres and elevated the concept to an entirely new dimension. Initially, the game was timed upgrades. However, the game’s popularity which is still surging – has invited upgrades frequently. This basically means there’s no guarantee to any weapon or item’s hold over their superiority over another. In this guide, we take a look at which weapon is the best in Muck.

Best Weapons in Muck (Damage/Speed)


Here’s the list that ranks the best weapons you can use in Muck:

Chief’s Spear 150 0.95
Night Blade 130 1.15
Ancient Bow Situational Situational
Chunky Hammer 120 0.95
Gronk’s Sword 110 1.1
Obamium Sword 70 1.4
Wyvern Dagger 60 1.75
Oak Bow 1.5 4

So Which Weapon is the Strongest?


While the placement of the first two weapons on this list was clearly evident statistically, the best title is variable in Muck, as iterated before – subject to updates and situations. Having said that, we need to point out that the two bows mentioned here are more beneficial in ranged battles. A definitive result for the battle between the Chief’s Spear and the Night Blade as the best weapon in Muck can depend on what your situation is.

How to get the Best Melee Weapons in Muck?

  • The Night Blade: The Night blade feels like the Excalibur equivalent in Muck. With a deadly 130 damage per hit in a relatively super quick speed of 1.15, the Night Blade is insane. You can get it from the cave at the location you spawn at after entering the seed 221294511. Furthermore, you can craft it using  – an Anvil,  1 Black Shard, 15 Dark Oak Woods, and 10 Obamium Bars


The Night Blade is an extremely deadly weapon and you can kill really powerful enemies for fun while wielding it.

night blade muck

  • The Chief’s Spear: While the Night Blade may hold the edge in speed, there’s absolutely no doubt that the Chief’s Spear IS the deadliest weapon in Muck right now. With the advantage of reach and an eye-watering 150 damage per strike – we may just let the Chief’s Spear take the title. To get the Chief’s Spear, you will need to enter the seed R O C C (spaces included) and open the green chest, which contains the weapon. Additionally, you can also craft it using an anvil, 1 spear tip, and 15 Dark Oak Woods.


chief spear muck

That’s our take for the best weapon in Muck debate! If you like playing Muck, check out the Best Seeds in Muck.