MTG Arena Error Updating Data Fix

If you're getting an Error Updating Data issue in MTG Arena and wish to fix it, refer to this guide where we walk you through all possible fixes to it!

Magic The Gathering Arena has been facing an error updating data issue ever since the new update and players are desperate to find a fix. What was to be an update to the backend to smoothen the game has turned out to be problematic. With players frustrated and annoyed, we take a look at potential fixes. Follow the steps below to fix the error updating data issue in Magic The Gathering Arena.

How to Fix Error Updating Data in MTG Arena?

mtg arena data error fix

As per the official tech support of MTG Arena- Wizards of the coast, the updating data error can be resolved by fully relaunching the game client. If that’s the case then the errors arising in-game could be solved in the following steps:

  1. Close the game
  2. End all processes related to the game running in the background
  3. If you’re using android- clear the game cache
  4. Turn off your internet connection on your device and turn it back on
  5. Now relaunch the game

Now, these steps were what the WoC team recommended as a fix. These most likely will solve your issues. However- We’ve also crafted a few others that might solve your problems.

Alternative fixes to MTG Arena Crashing

If the game still displays the error, consider using these alternative fixes:

Using A VPN: The error could be due to uninformed regional restrictions. Consider using a VPN for the same. The VPN should grant you access to the game’s servers in a redirected route, hiding your IP in the process. This could solve your issue with the Error Updating Data issue.

Disabling Windows Proxy: If the problem persists, and if you’re using windows proxy for your network connection- it’s possible that your data isn’t being uploaded due to errors related to server connection. In such a situation you will need to disable your windows proxy. To disable it, follow the undermentioned steps:

  • Close your game.
  • In the start menu, select settings and click on network and internet
  • Locate the proxy option and turn off the following
    • Automatically detect settings.
    • Use setup script.
    • Use a proxy server.

Launching The Game On Epic Games Launcher: The aforementioned fix should be the one that ends the chapter of error updating data problems but if even that doesn’t solve your issue, You might have to consider launching your game from the epic games launcher. This should be pretty easy-

  • Firstly, uninstall the game, then head to the epic store and either create an account or log in.
  • Here you can search Magic The Gathering Arena and buy the game by clicking on get. It is a free game, so just click on purchase and it will be added to your games’ inventory.
  • Furthermore, download the Epic Games Launcher and install it.
  • Open up the installer and launch MTG arena from here.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix errors while updating data in MTG Arena. These 4 fixes pretty much solve all issues related to error updating data and should work for you as well! This guide was curated to help you solve your errors in-game, and we hope it helped you! If you’re facing frequent in-game crashes and network issues, refer to this guide on how to fix MTG Arena crashes