Splatoon 3: Who Is Mr. Grizz?

Know everything about Mr. Grizz and what role he plays in Splatoon 3.

Nintendo recently launched the third installment of the popular game known Splatoon. It took no time for the game to gain popularity because of the legacy laid by its predecessors. The previous two installments of the game included a story campaign and so does Splatoon 3. DJ Octavio was the main villain in the early two installments of the Splatoon series. However, in Splatoon 3, the writers decided to add a twist by making an unexpected NPC the antagonist. Mr. Grizz who owns a shop in Splatsville is the new surprising villain in Splatoon 3. Know more about MR.Grizz and his role in this game through our detailed guide on him.

Who is Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3?

Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3

Mr. Grizz looks like a giant brown-colored Bear in Splatoon 3 who is the owner of Grizzco Industries in Splatsville. Although, know more about Mr. Grizz through these points:

  • Mr. Grizz recruits employees for Grizzco Industries who can collect Golden Eggs for him. The golden eggs are collected in the Salmon Run Next Wave mode.
  • Moreover, he pays the employees a fair remuneration based on their performance in each wave.
  • Also, he keeps track of players’ scores and Ranks based on them.
  • Like Harmony badge, Mr. Grizz has a Badge and Teddy Band gear of himself. However, it needs to be unlocked by completing a secret mission that appears after clearing all the levels in After Alterna.
  • Also, Mr. Grizz didn’t show up in the entire game and interacted with the characters through the wooden statue of a Bear with a fish in its mouth.
  • Later, as the game progresses, he shows his true giant Bear form and reveals himself to be the main Antagonist.

That’s everything you should know Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on Splatoon 3.