Sims 4 Mortem Mod Explained

Check out our guide on making death realistic in Sims 4 with the Mortem Mod.

For nearly a decade The Sims 4 has held the title of the most popular life simulator game on the market. But the Developers have always shied away from the more realistic parts of a complete human life. The game’s relation with death seems too casual for veteran fans and some of them have taken steps to change that. Let’s look at how you can use the Mortem Mod in Sims 4.

How to Use Mortem Mod in Sims 4

what is mortem mod in sims 4

Mortem Mod adds massive changes to the way death plays out in Sims 4. The makers of this mode felt that the base game lacked certain realistic qualities that should be associated with the death of a loved one. Players who want to change the way a Sim’s death plays out can install Mortem Mod and add a whole new layer of realism to their game.

With the Mortem Mod installed, players can now call in death before the Sim has actually passed away. On the death of a Sim, players now have the option to bury the body on the spot. Your Sim will mark the spot by planting a few flowers. If you report the death, a Medical Examiner will take over the scene and give you the option to host a funeral for your dead Sim.

The Mod has multiple options on the type of funeral arrangements you can make for your Sims. Small touches like Condolence visits by neighbors, friends, and co-workers help the Mod give a realistic feel to the process of mourning. Players will have to use the Call the Funeral Home option from their cellphones to make final arrangements for the funeral. You can choose to give your Sim a Cremation or a traditional Burial.

The Mod even lets you choose between a Mausoleum and Tomb as the final resting place for your Sim. Mortem Mod is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of realism to the base Sim 4 experience. Click here to download and install the Mod yourself.

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