Mortal Kombat Cetrion – All Moveset, Fatality And Power Guide

Find How Strong The Elder God Is

Cetrion is recently introduced in Mortal Kombat 11 a very popular Elder God, she can control Earth, Water, Fire and Air elements. Cetrion is capable of keeping enemy away from here, her moveset contribute a lot to melee combat and with that, she also owns power of emitting shockwaves, water beams, fire energy, incinerates an opponent from the sky, summons fast-moving tornadoes, use metal blades and attack opponents from distance. So if you are keen to learn more about Mortal Kombat new character Cetrion then keep reading.

Cetrion Signature Moves List

In her regular attacks, Cetrion can attack with meteors that are pretty strong. She can summon volcano rocks and hit the opponent very hard. She can also summon a rock from the ground and throw the opponent on it to cause more damage.

Cetrion’s regular attacks are very strong. She can fly up in the air and summon a fire beam, she can also amplify the attack. Cetrion can stand in a corner and summon a boulder attack, by throwing a big rock on the opponent. If the opponent jumps in the air she can also throw a boulder in the air and hit the enemy. If you stand on the ground the attacks fail.

Summoning tentacles from the ground is another move from Cetrion, she will bury her hands in the ground and attack with tentacles that will hold and burn the opponent. One of her strong moves is a chain of attacks she releases on the entire body.

One of her attacks is to punch on the lower body and then release a fire punch that throws the opponents on the ground, she can also release a chance of attacks where she uses kicks and punches in a four combination.

Being a gold Cetrion buffs move allows here to use some of the powers on the battleground. One of the attacks is double hitting ground pound that creates an explosion of lava rock below opponent. She can teleport around and change her position pretty instantly. A good power to confuse opponent if getting overpowered.

Deadly Winks, in this attack she can summon a fast moving tornado and hit the opponent, to increase the damage she can summon a ring of fire on the ground. When the opponent walk over it his health will keep on falling. A pretty smart power that can be utilized well to reduce health at a high rate.

For defense, Cetrion can summon a wall barrier that absorb incoming attacks. Another defense attack she can summon water around her and block combos. The final are the Fatal Blows, when the health is enough low Cetrion can use some deadly blows to end the opponent. Like using rocks and beam of fire to end the opponent. The effects are very cool, one of her Fatality blow is when she summon a green Square on the ground, burn the opponent and cut the remaining body into pieces.

To watch the moves how it looks watch the Exclusive Breakdown of Cetrions Power in the above video.

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