How To Change or Unlock Fatalities & Brutalities In Mortal Kombat 11

Pick the most lethal Fatality or Brutality to end the match

Mortal Kombat 11 is incomplete without Fatalities and Brutalities. Each character has its own unique way to end the match and create an impression. In this Mortal Kombat 11 guide, we will tell how you can unlock new Fatalities and Brutalities as well how can change Fatalities and Brutalities. By default everything is in a single Menu, depending on how you use them you get more new while playing. Remember each Fatalities and Brutalities has a set of key combat ions you have to press when the opponent has lost all his health. This is where you unleash a final blow to end the match.

How To Change or Unlock Fatalities & Brutalities

  • After launching the game you will see four options Konquer, Fight, Kustomize and Learn. Click Kustomize To enter into Character customization.
  • This is the place from where you can modify character skins and attributes.
  • Next select Kosmetic, second tab and on the right end you will see a Finishers section.
  • The Finisher section has three options Fatalities, Brutalities and End Round Talents.
  • Select the section and you will see list of different Fatalities, Brutalities and end Round
  • Talents under each main category. From here you can pick the one you want.
  • Also, refer to the controls on the left side to use it.

To unlock new Fatalities & Brutalities you have to learn and perform the unlocked one, if you use it in the game it will unlock others. So there is not really a special requirement to unlock Fatalities & Brutalities. Just perform the existing one in your matches and a new one will keep getting added in the list.

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