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Sims 4 Moonpetal: Where To Find & Harvest (Location)

Looking for a cure? Check out our guide on where to find and harvest Moonpetal in Sims 4.

With the most recent Werewolf expansion, Sims and players alike are pretty hyped for some supernatural changes. You can either flex these werewolf abilities or the withstanding double life can take a toll on your Simmer. If there’s a cure for Vampirism, there should eventually be a cure for werewolves, right? Yes, there is a cure for werewolves! And Moonpetal is one of the crafting materials required to make the cure. So, here’s our guide on where to find and harvest the Moonpetal in Sims 4.

Where to Find & Harvest Moonpetal in Sims 4


  • You can find the Moonpetal at the Moonwood Mill located at the top of the Cave opening.
  • You need to travel to the peak of the Howling point near Lake Lunvik.
  • For that, the Werewolf Sim should enter the Cave opening to reach the peak. But this flower blooms and can be harvested only on a Full-Moon day.
sims 4 moonpetal location
Image Source – How To Sims on YouTube.
  • So, you need to wait till then to harvest it.
  • Open your Calendar to the bottom left of your screen. You can navigate over the days to find out the night’s lunar phase.


moonpetal sims 4
Image Source – How To Sims on YouTube.
  • When the moon is entirely grey, the Moonpetal will be good to go for harvesting.
  • You can speed up the time or wait for some time to harvest the flower.
  • Once the Moonpetal is fully bloomed, clicking on it will prompt you with the Harvest option.
  • Hit the harvest option to get the Moonpetal flower. Then, you can find this rare flower placed in your Inventory.

How to Make Werewolf Cure


  • As mentioned earlier, Moonpetal is one of the crafting materials for the cure.
  • Cure seeker is one of the aspirations as you complete the Werewolf initiation. Check out our guide on all the Werewolf aspirations for more insight.
  • Choosing this option revolves around seeking the cure to continue life as a normal Sim.
  • In addition to that, you also need Wolfsbane to craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure.
  • You can find the Wolfsbane located in the Forgotten Hollow if you have the Vampire pack.
  • If you have a Vampiric Lore skill above level 15, you can order its seeds online.
  • For that, head over to the Vampire secrets website on your computer.
  • Once you have gathered both the items, you can craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure.
  • After you have crafted it, make your werewolf-infected Sim drink the cure to become normal again.

That’s everything covered about how to find and harvest Moonpetal in Sims 4. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to lower and manage fury, all werewolf books, and Werewolf fated mates in Sims 4 right here on Gamer Tweak.