How To Get Rathalos Marrow In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out how to get Rathalos Marrow in MH Rise.

Rathalos Marrow is a unique resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It is a resource that MHR describes as ‘Recent advances allow this marrow to be extracted. It ignites on air contact’. Items such as the Rathalos Marrow are indigenous to specific monsters. They are usually obtained as Dropped items or received as an item after Carving the body of the monster. The Rathalos Marrow is useful in crafting Weapons, Armor, and Armor sets. In this guide, we will tell you how you can find the Rathalos Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Rathalos Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Rathalos Marrow
The Rathalos Monster drops the Rathalos Marrow.
  • To get the Rathalos Marrow you will have to defeat or capture the Rathalos monster or the Rathian monster.
  • The Rathalos and the Rathian monster spawn in Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins, and Flooded Forest.
  • Targetting and capturing Rathalos both have a 7% chance of dropping Rathalos Marrow.
  • Carving the Tail of a Rathalos also has a 7% chance of getting Rathalos Marrow.
  • Breaking the back of a Rathalos monster has the highest chance with 30%.
  • Capturing the Rathian has a 12% chance of dropping Rathalos Marrow.

How to farm Rathalos Marrow in MH Rise

  • The best way to farm Rathalos Marrow in MH Rise is to go on Village Quests and Hub Quests that specifically request the Rathalos or Rathian monster.
  • This technique increases the chances of getting rare resources in the game.

Items that are made using Rathalos Marrow in MHR


  • Red Bludgeon I
  • Djinn I
  • Fiore Nulo Black I
  • Rathmaul I
  • Red Wing I
  • Twin Flames I
  • Wyvern Blade Blood I


  • Rathalos Mail
  • Rathian Marrow

Armor Sets:

  • Rathalos Set
  • Rathian Set

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Rathalos Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise. You can defeat the Rathalos monster easily by using some Rampage weapons and if that is too gory for you find out where to get the Pawprint Stamps easily in MHR.