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Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Xbox One?

Wondering if Monster Hunter Rise will release on Xbox One? Find out here.

Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive as of now, but many have now encountered leaks for the PC version. This has got gamers wondering – Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Xbox One? It will be a point of delight for Xbox fans if it is indeed true. In this article, we will address this question.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Releasing on Xbox One?



Although the game is coming to PC as per leaks, it is currently unlikely that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox One. As of now, it will stay a Nintendo Switch exclusive but PC players can enjoy the game in 2022. If there is any news that the title is launching for Xbox One, we will keep you updated about it.

Since Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC, there is a slight chance that they may port it for consoles as well which should not be a problem development-wise. But it is yet unclear if it will come to Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. At this point, all of this is just speculation so we will have to wait and watch.


Monster Hunter World, the previous hugely successful game from Capcom has broken records worldwide and that was sort of replicated with the Monster Hunter Rise Demo. The Nintendo servers were overloaded due to the huge influx of players trying to download the demo available for a limited time. Due to this, many faced an issue where the Monster Hunter Rise Demo was not downloading. That speaks a lot about the demand from gamers and Capcom won’t possibly ignore that for other platforms as well.

Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Release Date is on March 26, 2021 but for consoles, especially Xbox One, we have to wait for Capcom’s official announcement. Meanwhile, if you have got your hands on the game’s demo, check out our guide on MH Rise Controls.

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