Monster Hunter Rise Controls Guide

Here's a quick guide covering all General and Palamute inputs that you will need to tackle the mighty beast in MHR.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most anticipated action role-playing video games of 2021. Developed and produced by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is all set to release on March 26, 2021.

Since Monster Hunter Rise is packed with action and players will find it hard to remember the inputs needed for each move, we have created a guide covering each and every basic control for Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Controls Guide

Here are all General and Palamute controls that you will need while running, fighting and exploring the map in Monster Hunter Rise.

General Controls

  • Left Analog Stick – Move
  • Right Analog Stick – Adjust Camera
  • L Button – Reset Camera
  • L Button (Hold) – Access Radial Menu (You can use R to select Shortcuts)
  • R Button (Hold) – Sprint/Slide, If you are using a Gun then you can access Silkbind Attacks with A and X.
  • Click in Right Analog Stick – Lock-on (toggle)
  • A (with weapon sheathed) – Interact, Talk, Harvest, Carve, Use endemic life, Midair stop, Wyvern ride (with weapon sheathed near staggered monster)
  • B (with weapon sheathed) – Crouch, Dodge (While Moving) Jump (While Sliding).
  • A (with weapon drawn) – Heavy attack
  • B (with weapon drawn) – Evade
  • X -Draw weapon or Light attack (with weapon drawn)
  • Y – Use item, Sheathe weapon (with weapon drawn)
  • ZL (hold) – Access Wirebug actions (wiredashing into a wall will initiate a wall run)
  • (Holding ZL) A –  (Wirebug) dash forward
  • (Holding ZL) X –  (Wirebug) jump diagonally upwards
  • (Holding ZL) ZR –  (Wirebug) dash in the targeted direction
  • (Holding ZL) A or X – Perform Silkind attack
  • Hold L Button – Access item bar or ammo/coatings bar
  • (Holding L button) Y or A – Scroll through item bar
  • (Holding L button) X or B – Scroll through ammo/coatings bar
  • D-Pad left and right – Scroll through action bar
  • D-Pad up and down – Select/perform action bar inputs
  • L button (hold) – Open radial menu
  • (Holding L button) D-Pad – Choose menu
  • (Holding L button) Right analogue stick –Select shortcut
  • + button – Open start menu
  • – button (tap) – Open chat menu
  • – button (hold) – Open map

Palamute controls

  • Hold A (while near Palamute) or select “Let Me Ride!” shortcut action – Mount
  • Left Analog-Stick – Move
  • R Button (hold) – Dash
  • X – Attack
  • ZR – Jump
  • ZL While Using Left Analog-Stick – Drift (while dashing)
  • B – Dismount

That’s everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise controls.