How To Play As Geralt Of The Witcher In Monster Hunter World

New crossover event has began

May 9 Update brings major new content, high-resolution textures and bug fixes in Monster Hunter World. Things to look is a The Witcher crossover event that will allow you to play as Geralt the lead character of Witcher game in Monster Hunter World. In this guide, I will show how you can play as Geralt in Monster Hunter World. You just have to find a Contract and then you can shift into this new avatar and enjoy hunting monsters.

How to Play As Geralt In Monster Hunter World

The cross event has started from May 9, so first check for the latest patch update in your game if you had not done it yet. Next,find contract Trouble in Ancient Force. It is a permanent contract introduced by the crossover event. You cannot start the contract unless you are at Hunter Rank 16 or higher.

After getting the contract talks to a group of Felynes on the desk of Astera. Look in the trade yard, after you are done talking they will invite you to visit the Research Base. Head to the base and you will be introduced to Geralt who will agree to investigate some strange Event. That’s it, you can now play as Geralt and start playing the quest. Geralt carries a sword and shield pretty similar to he has in The Witcher 3 and it is a special edition.

May 9 update will by default download the High-Resolution Texture Pack DLC, and if you don’t want this then launch Steam client and right click on Monster Hunter World in Game Library. Select View Download Content and remove the tick from High-Resolution Texture Pack DLC. You can refer the source below for full patch lots.

Source: Steam